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2019-11-24 21:48:46 UTC ( active immunity vs passive immunity )

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Anything greater than an infection of cluster of 10 peoples is not an "epidemic, endemic." Only Isolated cluster of infection.

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Food supply.

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Cowpox Virus for smallpox immunity.

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Scientific research on natural heavy metal chelators: testing what works

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Zika virus (ATCC® VR­84™)

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*"...all parents who [used this device to monitor their baby's breathing] reported alarms."*

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*"Then of course, we asked what happened."*

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*"The baby was just vaccinated."*

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*"We put 2 and 2 together, and we realized that vaccines are stressing babies [and the monitor is] indicating stress-induced breathing patterns, which is actually low-volume, shallow breathing."*

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*"This is not apnea, but low-volume breathing."*

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*"To my absolute astonishment, I realized there is enormous wealth of published medical research which demonstrates that vaccines are dangerous and even cause death."*

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*"They always had a problem to say directly that a vaccination caused a death."*

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*"When animals were vaccinated, they actually used the whooping cough vaccine to induce brain inflammation in rats, just like the [human] whooping cough vaccine [induced brain inflammation in humans].*"

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*"And they had no problems when reactions occurred, including death, [to say] that it was the vaccine that caused it."*

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*"But when the same thing happens to [human] babies, they say that it is coincidental."*

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*"That defies logic and common sense."*

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Here is the full interview:

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