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2020-03-11 06:54:28 UTC em all up!

2020-03-11 06:55:09 UTC  

just make sure you use that thing in an area that is ventilated to the preferably OUTSIDE

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2020-03-11 06:55:37 UTC  

Do you also then get points from Al Gore for helping replenish the ozone layer?

2020-03-11 06:55:45 UTC  

I heard in a Iran they've had a sudden spike in alcohol deaths, they heard that alcohol will kill the virus

2020-03-11 06:55:58 UTC  

oh shit

2020-03-11 06:56:16 UTC  

they are drinking isopropyl, aren't they?

2020-03-11 06:56:34 UTC  

No idea, just goes to show that some people should not drink at all

2020-03-11 06:56:34 UTC  

Are ya all serious

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2020-03-11 06:56:56 UTC  

I think it was in today's video from Doctor Campbell

2020-03-11 06:57:44 UTC  

we should pin all most important info that is always applicable

2020-03-11 06:58:16 UTC  

Oh ok

2020-03-11 06:59:02 UTC  

We should start the rumor that if they rub themselves with pork it will protect them

2020-03-11 06:59:12 UTC  

that is awesome

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2020-03-11 06:59:20 UTC  

pork blood would be the best

2020-03-11 06:59:25 UTC  

soak in pork blood

2020-03-11 06:59:32 UTC  

I can't be called a racist

2020-03-11 07:00:24 UTC  

oh recall that scene in Empire Strikes back, when Han Solo cuts open his Tauntaun, in order to put Luke inside it and thaw up?

2020-03-11 07:00:28 UTC  

Pork blood transfusion

2020-03-11 07:00:30 UTC  

they should do that with pigs

2020-03-11 07:00:47 UTC  

I never had a bad opinion of any race until 3 years ago pakistan men moved in next door. Ugh. They drive me nuts!!!

2020-03-11 07:00:49 UTC  

Yes you have a point there

2020-03-11 07:01:11 UTC  

Oh, careful of those Pakistanis. They are almost all Muslim.

2020-03-11 07:01:51 UTC  

They are and the assholes pound my.wall anytime I play a Christian song

2020-03-11 07:01:54 UTC  

Sorry, but I'm on a tear against muslims today.

2020-03-11 07:02:23 UTC  

@Amaria use headphone

2020-03-11 07:03:06 UTC  

use shotgun

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2020-03-11 07:03:15 UTC  

and 00 buck

2020-03-11 07:03:28 UTC  

@Amaria we keep the best for ourselves

2020-03-11 07:04:01 UTC  

Let slaves be slaves

2020-03-11 07:04:03 UTC  

I do sometimes use headphones but if I have bible study at my house on fri night, then after my friends leave, the men next door start pounding. They wont do it if any other man is here. So it only happens now. After bible study. The rest of week I use headphones

2020-03-11 07:06:50 UTC  

I talked to my landlord thinking it would get better, it got worse.

2020-03-11 07:07:04 UTC  

Well ya all I'm gonna go to bed

2020-03-11 07:07:16 UTC  

It was nice chat with ya all

2020-03-11 07:07:55 UTC  

Thank you for the tips on masks etc have a blessed es d night

2020-03-11 07:08:15 UTC  

@Amaria have a good night