Message from The Green Fairy in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-10 05:03:38 UTC  

@Winnie because you're his new little follower! And you only seem to show up just before your mighty wiggles dissappears

2019-10-10 05:03:48 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 Always have. This is my wolf doggo.

2019-10-10 05:03:49 UTC  

Dogs are always intersting to talk about

2019-10-10 05:03:56 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:04:06 UTC  

@Infinite oh yeah! I saw her! Storm right?

2019-10-10 05:04:13 UTC

2019-10-10 05:04:23 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:04:23 UTC  

I want a Buletichound

2019-10-10 05:04:34 UTC  

Oh yeah! 😅

2019-10-10 05:04:41 UTC  

@Deleted User a coon hound?

2019-10-10 05:04:44 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:04:46 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:04:48 UTC  

@The Green Fairy Huh? Get off me

2019-10-10 05:05:42 UTC  

Good dogs i owned as a kid

2019-10-10 05:05:52 UTC  

@Winnie don't be upset! He's very persuasive, like a cult leader! I'm not trying to pick at you, just that we don't hold much... weight to what you say is all 💙

2019-10-10 05:05:54 UTC  

@Deleted User I should set my dog on you. Hey boy go get that rat!!

2019-10-10 05:06:06 UTC  

lol j/k

2019-10-10 05:06:07 UTC  

@The Green Fairy I'm a follower of Jesus Christ not Azriel

2019-10-10 05:06:09 UTC  

@Winnie It's good to see your passion for Christ at such a young age bro. Genuinely. I foresee a great future for ya'

2019-10-10 05:06:12 UTC  

Their not good pets. My uncle has 12 and they are working dogs. Make no mistake. One of them got loose once and killed 50 of my aunt's barn cats. Then went and ate the neighbors little dogs. Their happiest when they have a job

2019-10-10 05:06:51 UTC  

That's right Azriel, make him feel good until his riiiight under your greasy thumb 😘

2019-10-10 05:07:15 UTC  

When he took them out to hunt they were content. When they weren't hunting they were depressed. You could tell

2019-10-10 05:07:15 UTC  

"for such a young age bro"

2019-10-10 05:07:19 UTC  

Does that disgust you?

2019-10-10 05:07:23 UTC  

It made my stomach turn

2019-10-10 05:07:49 UTC  

@Infinite Your *"dog?"* Lol! Your dog would love me beeyotch

2019-10-10 05:08:06 UTC  

But dam. Never seen such fine hunting dogs as the ones he had. They treed coons, squirrels, and even a couple mountain lions!

2019-10-10 05:08:08 UTC  

You're wrong about that

2019-10-10 05:08:17 UTC  

If i told my dog to bite you it would

2019-10-10 05:08:23 UTC  

@The Green Fairy I don't need anyone to make me feel good.

2019-10-10 05:08:24 UTC  
2019-10-10 05:08:30 UTC  

but maybe you'd be more civil in real life i'm not sure

2019-10-10 05:08:35 UTC  

@Infinite If u actually instigated an attack, Id be within my rights to cap ur dog bro. You're a bad owner

2019-10-10 05:08:51 UTC  

If you "capped" my dog your entire family would die a slow death.

2019-10-10 05:08:56 UTC  
2019-10-10 05:09:01 UTC  

@Deleted User if you hurt my dog I'd fuck you up

2019-10-10 05:09:07 UTC  

Guys stop discussing violence.

2019-10-10 05:09:21 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:09:31 UTC  

Tsk tsk tsk

2019-10-10 05:09:36 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 You'd do're all blood lusting posers.

2019-10-10 05:09:38 UTC