Message from The Green Fairy in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-10 05:10:40 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:10:47 UTC  

@Infinite you've been going on and on even after he stayed quite

2019-10-10 05:10:56 UTC  

@bible whore 1 he threatened my dogs. I can sit back for a lot of shit bur when he starts threatening my dogs he's asking for war

2019-10-10 05:11:12 UTC  

@Raisin ๐Ÿบ I threatened nobody...literally

2019-10-10 05:11:19 UTC  

Look at the posts

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2019-10-10 05:11:33 UTC  

Buncha' bs

2019-10-10 05:11:45 UTC

2019-10-10 05:11:58 UTC  

I seen your wording

2019-10-10 05:12:12 UTC  

@Raisin ๐Ÿบ Yeah, Infinite said he'd sick his dog on me

2019-10-10 05:12:20 UTC  

...Im allowed to defend

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2019-10-10 05:12:42 UTC  

Enough bs already

2019-10-10 05:12:45 UTC  

Dude that would be amazing

2019-10-10 05:12:48 UTC  

@Deleted User not if your on his property. Then his dogs can fuck you up all they want and you cant fight back

2019-10-10 05:13:06 UTC  

If you do you'd be in jail with quit a few bite marks

2019-10-10 05:13:07 UTC  

Watching my dog chew your leg and you screaming "AHH SATANIST!! STOP PLS"

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@Raisin ๐Ÿบ Lol. U clearly don't know the law. Yes I can fire with a concealed carry if anyone tries to attack me using their dog. You're crazy

2019-10-10 05:14:20 UTC  

Not if you're on their property

2019-10-10 05:14:26 UTC  

If you shot my dog that would not be a good call for you i'm just saying.

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2019-10-10 05:14:41 UTC  

Depending on that states laws

2019-10-10 05:14:57 UTC  

If you are not in the government as a citizen, you canโ€™t buy guns

2019-10-10 05:15:28 UTC  

Who says that?

2019-10-10 05:15:29 UTC  

@Deleted User on my property you cannot shoot my dogs. They are there to gaurd it. You shoot them your vandalizing my property and I would be within MY rights to shoot YOU

2019-10-10 05:15:53 UTC  


2019-10-10 05:15:59 UTC  

@Deleted User said he is not in the system as a citizen, the government has no records apparently

2019-10-10 05:16:10 UTC  

Do he wouldnโ€™t be able to legally buy guns

2019-10-10 05:16:21 UTC  

@Infinite Bro, u talk a lotta' BS. & @Deleted User, rights *(which is what laws protect; a law is a protection for a right, & there are only 10 in the USA)* flies in every state *(you're talking about statutes)*. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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2019-10-10 05:16:56 UTC  

I'm not your bro.

2019-10-10 05:17:07 UTC  

@Deleted User come on my property and your ass is grass. Just sayin.

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2019-10-10 05:18:05 UTC  

@Raisin ๐Ÿบ You're both assuming Id be at either of your degenerate homes...that's U & Infinite's first mistake.

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2019-10-10 05:18:36 UTC  

@Deleted User your acting like your going to come and shoot my dogs.

2019-10-10 05:18:58 UTC  

He said that as well to mine.