Message from AZ infidel in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-13 17:04:55 UTC  

You wanted sources from Fox last night (rightfully)

2019-10-13 17:05:00 UTC  


2019-10-13 17:05:11 UTC  

Now it’s rude to ask for them?

2019-10-13 17:05:20 UTC  

*iz summoned*

2019-10-13 17:05:38 UTC  

@bible whore 1 Be lazy then. That's ur burden. I don't cater to frivolous pursuits, & I'm not your babysitter girly. Have a wonderful morning. πŸ’ͺ🌞 β˜• Bless you & Max in the name of Yahushua

2019-10-13 17:05:38 UTC  

@MaxIgnoramus yes, this somehow dtarted over my comment

2019-10-13 17:06:10 UTC  
2019-10-13 17:06:16 UTC  

@Deleted User I’m just asking for your source

2019-10-13 17:06:28 UTC  

The source was Wikipedia

2019-10-13 17:06:36 UTC  


2019-10-13 17:06:43 UTC  
2019-10-13 17:06:43 UTC  

Okay, so can be changed by anyone

2019-10-13 17:06:45 UTC  


2019-10-13 17:06:48 UTC  

hey max

2019-10-13 17:06:48 UTC  
2019-10-13 17:06:49 UTC  

@Deleted User. Waves back

2019-10-13 17:06:54 UTC  

hey bible

2019-10-13 17:07:03 UTC  
2019-10-13 17:07:10 UTC  

Wikipedia is not a reliable source

2019-10-13 17:07:17 UTC  

it's pretty decent

2019-10-13 17:07:48 UTC  

@Deleted User a stopped clock is right twice a day

2019-10-13 17:08:05 UTC  

wikipedia is sure better than encyclopedias

2019-10-13 17:08:14 UTC  

Not really it a beta test on control of information

2019-10-13 17:08:49 UTC  

well censorship of more controversial views is mostly from the public self enforcing

2019-10-13 17:09:02 UTC  

@Deleted User. Then use the wayback machine

2019-10-13 17:09:26 UTC  

always wondered about all the 90's webpages that had diamonds of great info that went poof

2019-10-13 17:09:49 UTC  

@Deleted User. Wayback

2019-10-13 17:09:57 UTC  

didn't capture everything

2019-10-13 17:10:09 UTC  

@Deleted User Dont rely on Wiki then, rely on the facts; in any scenario, factual details prior to Wikipedia aren't a creation of Wikipedia *(that would implicate Wiki as a promoter of facts in such cases).* Step ur game up & research as I have. Burden is on y'all to verify verifiable details when it correlates to your presupposed doubt. πŸ‘Œ That's all

2019-10-13 17:10:47 UTC  

Don't be lazy

2019-10-13 17:10:49 UTC  
2019-10-13 17:11:02 UTC  

so what's everyone's opinion on free energy tech?

2019-10-13 17:11:11 UTC  

@Deleted User @Deleted User
I have to agree with Operator on this. Wiki can be changed, false info, and simply trolled on.

2019-10-13 17:11:25 UTC  

@Deleted User Free energy?

2019-10-13 17:11:35 UTC  


2019-10-13 17:11:39 UTC  

@MaskedHeathen Right on bro

2019-10-13 17:11:41 UTC  


2019-10-13 17:11:44 UTC  

@MaskedHeathen. Wiki is a good starting point

2019-10-13 17:11:51 UTC  

No it ain't.

2019-10-13 17:12:02 UTC  

is free energy tech real or no?

2019-10-13 17:12:04 UTC  

Even a liberal college student can tell you that.