Message from Pro-Life warrior in welp. u already Kno... #general

2020-01-03 05:52:38 UTC  
2020-01-03 05:52:42 UTC  

Yeah emojis everything

2020-01-03 05:52:44 UTC  

Kk will do

2020-01-03 05:52:45 UTC  

Where you been?

2020-01-03 05:52:45 UTC  

He censors

2020-01-03 05:52:53 UTC  

Working on homes

2020-01-03 05:52:55 UTC  

I'm deleting my censorwars account

2020-01-03 05:53:02 UTC  

Nice @bible whore 1 that's ciol

2020-01-03 05:54:02 UTC  

Even Drop offered his help on coding but the guy is bullheaded

2020-01-03 05:55:11 UTC  
2020-01-03 05:56:29 UTC  

I gotta get to sleep I have an estimate early in the morning

2020-01-03 05:56:36 UTC  


2020-01-03 05:56:43 UTC  

I hope that goes really good !!!

2020-01-03 05:56:49 UTC  

Have a good sleep bro

2020-01-03 05:57:51 UTC  

Dallas I got your back

2020-01-03 05:58:01 UTC  

I hope so thses people live in Switzerland . So I'm seeing the house manager tomorrow hopefully I score the job.

2020-01-03 05:58:07 UTC  

I love Jesus with all my heart brother

2020-01-03 05:58:28 UTC  

Yeah @Pro-Life warrior we sure do

2020-01-03 05:58:59 UTC  

I hope you decide to stay around, I'd like to stay in touch @Dallas

2020-01-03 05:59:17 UTC  

He's ran people off working on things for him that way.

2020-01-03 06:00:15 UTC  

I'm not sure what was going on in the chat, I tried my best to defend Jesus

2020-01-03 06:00:54 UTC  

He just has big thing against people talking about religion

2020-01-03 06:02:06 UTC  

I understand, I do, it upsets me too, but that means that we have to stay strong, Jesus is with you Lizard

2020-01-03 06:02:22 UTC  

a lot of channels are afraid to talk about God

2020-01-03 06:02:35 UTC  

One of the constitutional rights of this country that people came running here for

2020-01-03 06:02:59 UTC  

Freedom of religion

2020-01-03 06:03:28 UTC  

More hypocrisy

2020-01-03 06:04:07 UTC  
2020-01-03 06:04:11 UTC  

I love you Lizard

2020-01-03 06:06:40 UTC  

I hope Dallas gets back to me

2020-01-03 06:07:26 UTC  

He will I don't think he going to leave us here

2020-01-03 06:09:09 UTC  

Okay what did I miss

2020-01-03 06:09:16 UTC  

God Bless @Pro-Life warrior I got to get my sleep

2020-01-03 06:10:17 UTC  

Uh oh I saw that religion word used

2020-01-03 06:10:32 UTC  

Ben went on a deleting and timeout spree everytime someone mentioned jesus

2020-01-03 06:10:58 UTC  

Most Hated called him the devil

2020-01-03 06:11:11 UTC  

But if the Lord is with us who can be against us?

2020-01-03 06:11:19 UTC  

Religion argument in the chat

2020-01-03 06:11:26 UTC  

Amen AZ

2020-01-03 06:11:33 UTC  

If it's still going I should go in there

2020-01-03 06:11:56 UTC