Message from regalshot in welp. u already Kno... #general

2020-03-11 02:28:53 UTC  

kayy check out TA outdoors you may like him

2020-03-11 02:29:36 UTC  

Will do @Lil Brit

2020-03-11 02:39:59 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:46:04 UTC  

there letting people out of the containment area

2020-03-11 02:50:27 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:50:49 UTC  

@regalshot welcome!

2020-03-11 02:51:02 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:51:32 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:51:52 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:52:06 UTC  

Hi sorry

2020-03-11 02:52:26 UTC  

I'm second star survival

2020-03-11 02:52:26 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:52:51 UTC  

@regalshot from tylers channel .. awesome 👍🏻

2020-03-11 02:55:36 UTC  
2020-03-11 02:57:46 UTC  

Ok sorry tried to figure out how to do my channel logo on here lol

2020-03-11 02:58:18 UTC  

How is everyone?

2020-03-11 03:00:28 UTC  

@regalshot doing great feel free to share your channel here!!

2020-03-11 03:00:52 UTC  

Oh thank you

2020-03-11 03:01:18 UTC  

Most definitely

2020-03-11 03:01:42 UTC  

I haven't done any videos I broke my leg and on 12 week bed rest atm

2020-03-11 03:02:25 UTC  

I have videos but nothing new yet lol

2020-03-11 03:03:17 UTC  

@regalshot oh man sorry to hear that!

2020-03-11 03:04:49 UTC  

Ha ha it's ok I was stupid and went to an abandoned place alone I did all the rookie was a bad night

2020-03-11 03:06:02 UTC  

Ohhhh shit no good

2020-03-11 03:07:04 UTC  

Well I hope you enjoy yourself in here . Alot of great folks here and we have great convos and share information with one another

2020-03-11 03:07:42 UTC  

Yea I was so dumb I've been urbex exploring for like 6 years and I just didnt care that night

2020-03-11 03:08:02 UTC  

@regalshot well we all have our moments 🤣

2020-03-11 03:08:10 UTC  

This is great hope I can help this community

2020-03-11 03:08:21 UTC  

Lol right

2020-03-11 03:09:05 UTC  

@regalshot well if you have anything/one you would like to share and promote here is a great place to do so!

2020-03-11 03:09:46 UTC  

Also if you look we often have people sitting in the voice chat channel holding various discussions

2020-03-11 03:10:23 UTC  

Oh? Ok awesome !

2020-03-11 03:11:15 UTC  

yeah its fun in voice chat talking and discussing many topics you'll fit right in

2020-03-11 03:11:22 UTC  

Ok I have to change my bandages thank you kay talk to you all soon 😀

2020-03-11 03:11:27 UTC  

And if you have any topics you would like to discuss that arent already a channel I am totally open to making more channels

2020-03-11 03:11:54 UTC  

Sounds great soultaker

2020-03-11 03:11:58 UTC  

@regalshot wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!

2020-03-11 03:12:00 UTC  

also urbex man i wanna do that one day seems like fun cant find the locations to be able to do it sadly but does seem like absolute fun

2020-03-11 03:12:48 UTC  

Soultaker I can help you find places

2020-03-11 03:13:09 UTC  

your in the US right?