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2020-04-27 02:06:24 UTC  

Canada will have inflation and possibly, population reduction when the food trucks are not transporting to Calgary.

2020-04-27 02:06:56 UTC  

Toothpaste and soap worth more than silver.

2020-04-27 02:07:18 UTC  

If you get a root canal surgery when shtf - it is game over.

2020-04-27 02:11:47 UTC  

Root Canal Surgery requires the amputation of the tooth and the gum lining.

2020-04-27 02:12:03 UTC  

Toothpaste worth more than Silver.

2020-04-27 02:54:17 UTC  

Very good point about the importance of not just teeth, but your entire body, in the case of SHTF.

2020-04-27 02:56:24 UTC  

The Parasite Industrial Complex needs doctors to give them the injection to make them less evil.

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Gives Dallas 🧶

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Hope everyone is having a goodnight

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@Dallas nope, I'm pissed off again

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I am half european half asian .

2020-04-27 04:24:53 UTC  

@Deleted User better to be pissed off then pissed on they say

2020-04-27 04:32:39 UTC  

In Southern California the air pollution is so low now. Do you notice any difference where you guys live? Also, Do you notice any physical changes as far as well physical well being and mentally feeling more rested? For some reason since everything been shut down I notice my skin is better and I'm losing some weight. I notice also my animals are more calm and also seem to be losing weight. I'm wondering how the air pollution reduction is effecting us positively.

2020-04-27 04:39:06 UTC  

yes @Deleted User I was seeing this happening slowly. They are putting people on ventilators when they don't need it. They die. They get federal money for all the treatment.

2020-04-27 04:39:26 UTC  

People who have other things that need to be tended to are also being turned away wich is just as troubling

2020-04-27 04:39:51 UTC  

It's such a fraud they are killing people now. Once you go in your surrounded by "doctors"

2020-04-27 04:40:19 UTC  

They are looting the federal funding at the same time as padding their gay little death stats

2020-04-27 04:40:59 UTC  

The hospitals that are shut down and have laid off workers are the ones that are not participating......

2020-04-27 04:42:42 UTC  

Who runs the hospitals? The left.......

2020-04-27 04:44:26 UTC  

@Deleted User great vid. Thanks for sharing. ✌😊

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@Deleted User that's to bad

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digital Vaccination .

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He's not even allowed to talk anymore....because he can't.....

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Thanks for the link

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And that song ahhaah

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Good morning everyone

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morning all

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So I looked at that article