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2020-04-10 00:05:40 UTC  

Okayy.. so we can keep the <#649333037871529994> channel separated from this... I figured 5G being such a hot topic I would make it its own channel <#697950940812017754> is now your go to place for posting Info on 5G .

2020-04-10 00:05:58 UTC  

Just a friendly reminder @everyone there are multiple channels on this server for topic specific postings.

While I do not mind everyone sharing in general what ever it may be that your sharing please check to see if it is relative to any of the channels and post it there as well as general so if its something someone wanted to look for later they know where they can find it easier thumbsup_tone1

2020-04-10 00:06:22 UTC  

Also.... over the next few days I plan to update roles . If you have not recieved a role yet and wish to do so please reach out to me and let me know. Sorry for those of you who have been apart of the server for awhile and have not yet recieved the member role (or other role that may apply to you) I have been focused on bringing in more good people into the server and plan to be doing more work on the server over the next few days, including updating member roles as well as adding/organizing channels.

If any of you have any suggestions, questions, or opinions on this server, please feel free to let me know! @everyone

I am very happy with the people who have gathered in here.. I couldnt have asked for a better group of people to conversate with everyday. I have met some of the most interesing beings through doing all of this and have learned so much through the discussions we hold here.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this server. Everyones opinion is valued here.

And most importantly thank you to my moderators <@&626102516144275458> <@&618137921433632783> for keeping the server in order ....
and my right 3 hand men(and woman) for helping me with everything on here from day one .. I wouldnt have been able to run this without @Deleted User @Deleted User @bible whore 1 Thanks guys...

Sorry for the rant

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

2020-04-10 00:09:09 UTC  


2020-04-10 00:22:33 UTC  

Also I forgot to mention our awesome members who liked this server so much that they spent their hard earned money on boosting this server. I have not asked anyone to do so, but they did this on their own accord and it is greatly appreciated ❤ @Queen Of Conspiracy @Zor

2020-05-22 01:45:50 UTC  

@everyone I created a suspended Discord Channel check in there and leave a message if you have been suspended as we are trying to get a headcount

2020-05-22 02:38:25 UTC  

@ladyliberty_7k they lock you out of your own account, make sure you have a backup account with links to all the servers

2020-05-22 02:39:17 UTC  

I'm trying to get a total of how many of us were suspended because I don't believe what they're telling us

2020-05-22 02:39:32 UTC  

@AZ infidel what’s the number looking like?

2020-05-22 02:39:55 UTC  

It may be 10 or 12 so far off the top of my head

2020-05-22 02:40:04 UTC  

And who have you pissed off lately?

2020-05-22 02:40:25 UTC  

I haven't threatened or harassed anybody I don't believe K has done that either

2020-05-22 02:41:05 UTC  

Nothing to do with harm at all

2020-05-22 02:41:25 UTC  

Just against the grain


Discord is slowly taking everyone down who's opinion is not sheepminded .


I am not a wolf
I am not a sheperd

I would say I'm the sheep dog.

If you feel the way I do about our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS

And want to keep fighting back even after discord silences your opinion here please contact me on my personal Email where I will add you to a list and send updates on how to find our community we have formed here ..

Please include your user name in the email so I have an Idea of who is who.

My email is

[email protected]

God Bless you all and keep your feet firm to the ground.

Heyy @everyone I'm still working on getting set up on other platforms.

I am currently working on setting up on Riot and Guilded

I am beyond frustrated that this is what we need to do to continue speaking freely as we are actually the targeted group even though they ban us and silence us accusing us of doing that to others.

I'm not sure how long it will be before I get you all the links to join us on these newer (supposedly less likely to censor) platforms.

So again please feel free to email me at

[email protected]

I will add you to a email list where I will be sending out updates on both this server and the new platforms we take on as we move forward in this fight against censorship.

I also will be sending friend requests from this account in efforts to stay connected with everyone on discord as well as sending invites to another server to those of you who have been a part of this for sometime and we know are not bots, or individuals who are just here to get us shut down, or just have questionable intentions in being a part of this server.

So keep an eye out in you private messages over the next week or so for a message from the mods , admins, or myself.

I appreciate everyone being here and I have enjoyed having the input of so many of you in the conversations we have had in this server...
Whether we agreed or argued ...
Shared information, opinions, or disputed one another's.
Everyone has the right to speak and I think the ability to argue individual perspectives is one of the most important things we have in this life.

I will continue to fight for all of us to have that. And hope the rest of you do the same.

God Bless. And hope you all are having a good evening.


2021-01-02 23:14:46 UTC  

Sorry guys and gals, just reiterating a prior statement: