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2020-03-09 21:51:39 UTC  

I’m gonna assume your being sarcastic

2020-03-09 21:51:50 UTC  

Why does the liberal media make a big deal about everything? @everyone

2020-03-09 21:52:30 UTC  

No idea

2020-03-09 21:52:33 UTC  

Ratings affect how much they get paid

2020-03-09 21:52:41 UTC  

More ratings more money

2020-03-09 21:52:54 UTC  

Who's actually worried about this Coronavirus

2020-03-09 21:54:10 UTC  

I’m not China is taking care of it for us

2020-03-09 21:54:27 UTC  

Isint NY in a state of emergency

2020-03-09 21:54:35 UTC  

Isn’t it always

2020-03-09 21:54:51 UTC  

And I live in NJ so I got to be cautious

2020-03-09 21:55:10 UTC  

1 teen in my town got it

2020-03-09 21:55:18 UTC  

China sucks

2020-03-09 21:55:21 UTC  

I live in Arkansas unless people want meth or rice we have nothing to worry about

2020-03-09 21:56:01 UTC  

Do you guys think that this is man made

2020-03-09 21:56:12 UTC  

Or it came from bat soup

2020-03-09 21:56:26 UTC  

Man made

2020-03-09 21:56:36 UTC  

I think the mutations however aren’t

2020-03-09 21:56:57 UTC  

illuminati confirmed

2020-03-09 21:57:18 UTC  

No I just think the Chinese were playing with biological weapons and this is what happened

2020-03-09 21:57:28 UTC  

And they pulled a Russia and blamed someone else

2020-03-09 21:57:38 UTC  

I heard that this is from iran

2020-03-09 21:57:50 UTC  

Ever since Wario looking dude got assassinated

2020-03-09 21:57:54 UTC  

This happened

2020-03-09 21:59:47 UTC  

I like Japana they're fair

2020-03-09 22:00:16 UTC  

Yeah Iran has been working on nukes for about 25 years now I doubt they could make a biological weapon in a couple months

2020-03-09 22:02:37 UTC  


2020-03-09 22:07:29 UTC  

I got suspended at school because I made a innaproprete Comment about the New York times

2020-03-09 22:07:35 UTC  

Ask the @Markichr

2020-03-09 22:13:39 UTC  

Could be worse

2020-03-09 22:13:52 UTC  

Me and the liberals at my school had a mini civil war

2020-03-09 22:14:07 UTC  

We dont need a civil war

2020-03-09 22:14:10 UTC  

We need a

2020-03-09 22:14:19 UTC  


2020-03-09 22:14:20 UTC  

They started it

2020-03-09 22:14:34 UTC  

We need a Crusade instear

2020-03-09 22:14:37 UTC  


2020-03-09 22:14:53 UTC  

Getting thrown into a locker and having the crap kicked out of you unprovoked kind of tends to start things

2020-03-09 22:15:14 UTC  

Oh no that's a fight

2020-03-09 22:15:49 UTC  

Yeah except we decided to go at it about a dozen more times over the course of a 3 year period

2020-03-09 22:16:01 UTC  

And it was more than 1 or 2 people going at like

2020-03-09 22:17:02 UTC  

That sucks i live in Buffalo NY and it's way to liberal