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2020-04-03 23:09:15 UTC  

I am in New York 😂

2020-04-03 23:09:40 UTC  

Yankees are the best I know their owner Mr. Steinbrenner great friends with trump

2020-04-03 23:20:54 UTC  

Yankees suck I’d sooner be a cubs fan than support them

2020-04-04 00:07:57 UTC  

Ew Cubs suck

2020-04-04 00:08:23 UTC  

Yankees have won more than any other franchise because of Babe Ruth

2020-04-04 00:09:31 UTC  

Babe Ruth died in 1948

2020-04-04 00:39:36 UTC  

Yeah but if the red Sox never traded him the Yankees wouldn't be the best franchise of all time

2020-04-04 17:26:43 UTC  

I'm working hard to finalize our plans for our first full calendar month of running a completely virtual campaign. It's no easy task, and I'm hoping that as one of our supporters, you'll share your thoughts in our brand new April Campaign Strategy Survey. It'll only take a minute, can you get started here?

2020-04-06 18:59:32 UTC  

I looked at them and said, 'I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. Well son of a bitch! He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time

2020-04-08 15:48:19 UTC  

Thoughts @everyone

2020-04-08 15:53:36 UTC  

Well god bless Bernie for handing us the election again

2020-04-08 17:35:58 UTC  

Looks like Joe is our only hope no Malarkey 😂🤣

2020-04-08 18:04:08 UTC  

With luck all the Bernie supporters will just not vote

2020-04-08 18:22:26 UTC  

Lol Biden doesn’t stand a chance

2020-04-08 19:31:26 UTC

2020-04-08 19:36:54 UTC  

Can we take back the house @everyone

2020-04-08 19:41:45 UTC  

I say all the states that are Republican should just secede I mean what are they gonna do stop us?

2020-04-09 21:53:03 UTC  

XD funny that Bernie dropped out of the race

2020-04-11 09:12:08 UTC  

How is everyone doing

2020-04-12 15:44:29 UTC  

Not to shabby lol

2020-04-12 15:45:09 UTC  

I'm pretty sure I hope he drops out of the race earlier

2020-04-12 15:45:19 UTC  

Pretty sure I said that

2020-04-12 16:07:30 UTC  

He's an idoit

2020-04-13 23:46:17 UTC  

Oh gosh of course he did

2020-04-14 04:38:59 UTC

2020-04-14 22:55:15 UTC  

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2020-04-15 20:13:59 UTC

2020-04-15 20:14:10 UTC  

Trump loves the Yankee's

2020-04-19 00:57:01 UTC  

I don't get why the released the prisoners from jail because of the virus

2020-04-19 23:32:56 UTC  

Something about prisons being unsafe and not getting proper care and stuff

2020-04-19 23:33:17 UTC  

One guy in my state described one prison as being “like mad max” which just sounds fun

2020-04-19 23:33:41 UTC  

Tf? Fuck em they're criminals

2020-04-19 23:34:50 UTC  

Some of them who commited lower level offenses and are non violent I can see them getting Atleast house arrest with an ankle monitor but not released fully