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2020-04-27 22:30:16 UTC  

very intresting

2020-04-27 22:30:20 UTC  

Who knows

2020-04-27 22:30:28 UTC  

Im really with either side on this

2020-04-27 22:49:50 UTC  

This is no coincidence

2020-04-28 00:48:25 UTC  

Yo Kayleigh Mccainey is super hot the new press secretary

2020-04-28 15:53:04 UTC  

If he does this I'm not voting for Trump

2020-04-28 15:53:48 UTC  

Re opening the economy is going to back fire

2020-04-28 15:54:02 UTC  

Re opening isn’t going to back fire

2020-04-28 15:54:03 UTC  

Oh hi clown news network

2020-04-28 15:54:14 UTC  

I just noticed

2020-04-28 15:54:49 UTC  

The economy is already at recession, unemployment are rising and we are waging a massive deficit.

2020-04-28 15:55:08 UTC  

Yeah I can see that

2020-04-28 15:55:19 UTC  

Reopening it might get people infected

2020-04-28 15:55:20 UTC  

We are making people hungry for government aid

2020-04-28 15:55:37 UTC  

We need a cure or vaccine first

2020-04-28 15:55:40 UTC  

So we are among them suckers for the government and depend

2020-04-28 15:56:08 UTC  

Imagine walking into a restaurant not knowing who has it

2020-04-28 15:56:10 UTC  

We have openings up states with very low cases and decrease in the number of cases

2020-04-28 15:56:21 UTC  

My state is very high

2020-04-28 15:56:36 UTC  

I think NJ is 2nd highest

2020-04-28 15:56:38 UTC  

A cure takes almost a year to be approved

2020-04-28 15:56:45 UTC  

I’m from NY,

2020-04-28 15:56:50 UTC  


2020-04-28 15:57:18 UTC  

I live in NYC and I want to go back to college finish my senior year

2020-04-28 15:57:24 UTC  

And go to work

2020-04-28 15:57:35 UTC  

The doctor who's on stage with trump on the task force says it might back fire

2020-04-28 15:57:47 UTC  

Yes you're saying that like no 1 else does

2020-04-28 15:58:09 UTC  

I had a great plan moving smoothly before this outbreak

2020-04-28 15:59:48 UTC  

If you do not open the economy, you are talking about running a fucking massive deficit. A possible recession and unemployment. We hit unemployment to 50 year lows before this virus. We are giving people stimulus checks monthly and if we keep on giving them, they become reliant on the government.

2020-04-28 16:00:11 UTC  

Great depression ik

2020-04-28 16:00:14 UTC  

The more reliant the people are in the government, the more power the government assumes over the people

2020-04-28 16:00:42 UTC  

This is should be a state choice

2020-04-28 16:00:46 UTC  

If they open the economy

2020-04-28 16:00:48 UTC  


2020-04-28 16:00:53 UTC  


2020-04-28 16:01:02 UTC  

Wouldn't that put more people at risk

2020-04-28 16:01:06 UTC  

Since they are outside

2020-04-28 16:01:17 UTC  


2020-04-28 16:01:40 UTC  

We are putting precautionary measures in plan and opening to only 25% capacity in some states

2020-04-28 16:01:53 UTC  

And I’m pretty sure they have plans in motion.