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2019-12-22 00:42:00 UTC  

then alot got banned/suspended

2019-12-22 00:42:43 UTC  

is it true players use Wardrobe in fights?

2019-12-22 01:00:44 UTC  

dubzug n cie got banned by wearing all white robes and forming a circle

2019-12-22 02:50:17 UTC  

@Death I was friends with them and I know they didn't I'm not going to argue with you past this

2019-12-22 02:50:28 UTC  

Believe what you want

2019-12-22 05:50:12 UTC  
2019-12-22 05:51:50 UTC  

Damage is the new sustain bb

2019-12-22 14:55:26 UTC  
2019-12-22 15:24:37 UTC  
2019-12-22 15:39:05 UTC  
2019-12-22 22:44:29 UTC  

lol some new console player on PC video , I giggled a couple times not gonna lie

2019-12-22 22:49:42 UTC  

he isnt using engulfing or burning embers either

2019-12-25 06:26:17 UTC

2019-12-25 06:26:39 UTC

2019-12-26 01:56:17 UTC  
2019-12-26 04:08:00 UTC  

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful time with your families!

2019-12-26 04:08:19 UTC  

thx boss .. same to you and your fam

2019-12-26 07:11:28 UTC  


2019-12-26 07:44:51 UTC  

This is one of the issues I have with people screaming racist over someone saying nigger! First off, it’s a fucking word. Second, what idiot would ever say Em is a fucking racist. Third, as long as we have the idea that color or race separates us in anyway, we will stay separated. We are all humans, we bleed the same color, we die from the same shit, and we all live here together! If you think the same way as the guy who posted this garbage, you are just as much the problem as the person in the white hood!

2019-12-29 01:31:00 UTC  

So it’s martinis tonight boys

2019-12-29 01:32:27 UTC  

Dirty of course

2019-12-29 01:32:40 UTC  

hell yea

2019-12-29 22:28:36 UTC  

yo @JDMOONAN do you know whos doing the speech in the intro of this dope track

2019-12-30 20:25:47 UTC  

lol found the sample of above^^ its from an old 1969 film called mr freedom

2020-01-02 12:40:46 UTC  

chasing a NB through IC sewers after someone gets ganked

2020-01-03 03:04:16 UTC  

Sorry I haven't been on to play with the guild guys I have been pretty sick

2020-01-03 03:21:26 UTC  

See that's why I don't visit people for the holidays HUMBUG lol

2020-01-03 03:21:46 UTC  

Lol yeah I hear that shit

2020-01-03 17:24:23 UTC  

yup IM thinking the same i got a party family tomorrow alot of kids etc im thinking to not go because im sure its full of fucking sik virus in there

2020-01-03 19:52:49 UTC  

water and rest .. the game will be here when you get back

2020-01-04 03:20:55 UTC  

damn i just discovered this french beatmaker GUTS he makes pretty damn good songs..

2020-01-04 10:28:44 UTC  

@Death That is pretty dope not gonna lie!

2020-01-06 06:35:56 UTC