Message from Noir in The Right Server #chat

2021-01-11 22:30:55 UTC  

whats the point

2021-01-11 22:31:05 UTC  

they've never been a white supremacist group

2021-01-11 22:31:08 UTC  

do yo admit catboy is straight up racist?

2021-01-11 22:31:19 UTC  

how is he racist

2021-01-11 22:31:21 UTC  

i think he's an edgy attention whore wannabe comedian

2021-01-11 22:31:21 UTC  

yes or no answer me

2021-01-11 22:31:28 UTC  


2021-01-11 22:31:31 UTC  

does fuentes want a white ethno state

2021-01-11 22:31:33 UTC  

he's a troll

2021-01-11 22:31:42 UTC  

He is a very good gamer

2021-01-11 22:31:46 UTC  

i don't know who this person is that you're talking about i just saw the word catboy in chat and rolled with it

2021-01-11 22:31:46 UTC  

Like myself

2021-01-11 22:31:54 UTC  

is he the son of catwoman

2021-01-11 22:32:23 UTC  

Seriously america was intended to be a pan European nation so a white one.. not the satanic shit it is today

2021-01-11 22:32:26 UTC  

how do i sign up for weibo if i don't speak chinaman

2021-01-11 22:33:24 UTC  

Did you just call my chin weak?

2021-01-11 22:35:38 UTC  

lmao who cares what america was intended to be, as it stands now it is a multi ethnic, multinational state

2021-01-11 22:35:53 UTC  

Thats why its shit

2021-01-11 22:36:00 UTC  

Factual based truth

2021-01-11 22:36:07 UTC  

if you feel that way ig

2021-01-11 22:36:13 UTC  

i usually hate these but

2021-01-11 22:36:17 UTC  

Parasitic economy zone

2021-01-11 22:36:25 UTC  

this is actually good, I can't get the tune out of my head

2021-01-11 22:36:54 UTC  

America is becoming more multicultural and that's a good thing, diversity is our strength and Mexicans and Asians make great food!

2021-01-11 22:37:06 UTC

2021-01-11 22:37:16 UTC  

American culture is just liberalism

2021-01-11 22:37:24 UTC  

I think i am gonna accumulate cash because of the uncertainty of crypto and the stock market

2021-01-11 22:37:34 UTC

2021-01-11 22:37:39 UTC  

If the stock market tanks because of biden, then i will load up

2021-01-11 22:37:47 UTC

2021-01-11 22:38:28 UTC  

America is a failed experiment in terms of multi culti/ethnic society

2021-01-11 22:38:53 UTC  

America is as good as dead

2021-01-11 22:39:00 UTC  

US Republic has fallen..

2021-01-11 22:39:12 UTC  

The decay started about 100 years ago

2021-01-11 22:39:41 UTC  

Maybe it was even with the very foundation

2021-01-11 22:40:02 UTC  

stop treating america like a nation, it's not

2021-01-11 22:40:08 UTC  

Tho it was..

2021-01-11 22:40:16 UTC  

Now its a parasitic economy zone