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2018-06-07 07:39:39 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:39:40 UTC  

like 1.7.10?

2018-06-07 07:39:44 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:40:06 UTC  

the last update i like is 1.8.9

2018-06-07 07:40:09 UTC  

shit bro if you want to go total spergcraft you could make a Terrafirmacraft serb

2018-06-07 07:40:17 UTC  

best update is 1.4.88

2018-06-07 07:40:18 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:40:21 UTC  

Also I have access to a vps if you don't

2018-06-07 07:41:12 UTC  

I was just planning on running on a hosting website, still looking around

2018-06-07 07:41:21 UTC  

I have a ton of server files already downloaded though

2018-06-07 07:42:18 UTC  

Well if you want, I know some good boys at /vg/ who allow me to host stuff on a 64gb machine. I just don't want to be admin on it

2018-06-07 07:42:40 UTC  

But the guys at vg would give you access to it for free if you tell them that you're not a fan of jews

2018-06-07 07:42:54 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:42:59 UTC  

better change my username

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2018-06-07 07:43:56 UTC  

It's going to be the official amfirst server though, I havent hosted in a while and want reliability, like what if they want to kick me off because of however much usage

2018-06-07 07:44:46 UTC  

Also need a gb or more of ram allocated if people are actually going to playing, not just SSD speed and the speed of the vram

2018-06-07 07:44:53 UTC  

They'll never kick off for usage. I ran a very heavy server. It got shut down due to 30 days of inactiviy (0 people logging in over a month)

2018-06-07 07:44:58 UTC  

assuming its running on SSD

2018-06-07 07:45:20 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:45:25 UTC  

Yeah I was running it on 4gb of memory

2018-06-07 07:45:26 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:45:34 UTC  

damn thats epic

2018-06-07 07:45:54 UTC  

I even went as high as 6gb but he told me to scale down simply because there was no reason for that much

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2018-06-07 07:46:26 UTC  

run a 200 slot FTB megapack server on it

2018-06-07 07:46:30 UTC  

now that would be epic

2018-06-07 07:47:06 UTC  

yeah i don't know too much about ftb but one guy is running a sevserb on it right now

2018-06-07 07:47:21 UTC  

Are you guys talking about Minecraft lmao

2018-06-07 07:47:27 UTC  

Hell yeah goy

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2018-06-07 07:48:26 UTC  

But yeah, I'm thinking some form of civ larp would be well received by this audience

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2018-06-07 07:50:31 UTC  

Guys watch videos on YT at 1.25 or 1.5 speed. You can go through more content that way.

2018-06-07 07:50:44 UTC  

i've been doing it for years bruh

2018-06-07 07:50:47 UTC  

I already do noob

2018-06-07 07:51:13 UTC  

I might be able to host an old rust server if anyone is interested

2018-06-07 07:51:21 UTC  


2018-06-07 07:51:27 UTC  

that would be so cool