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2018-11-30 21:41:15 UTC  

Cincinnati is better

2018-11-30 21:42:11 UTC  

An IE chapter house is more of a hangout spot so we can hold local events, use it as storage, etc.

2018-11-30 21:42:25 UTC  

I scrolled through a lot. Everything in the Mid-Atlantic was in the middle of nowhere except one in Norristown just north of Philly

2018-11-30 21:42:38 UTC  

It would be nice if it was Central, instead of in Canada

2018-11-30 21:42:39 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL when I was buying houses I was curious and looked up Detroit.. Some areas houses were less than $100

2018-11-30 21:42:54 UTC  

hmmm looks like Syracuse is pretty deep in the middle of New York State, so pretty far from anything

2018-11-30 21:43:04 UTC  

lmao IE Detroit chapter house

2018-11-30 21:43:10 UTC  

Hahaha this

2018-11-30 21:43:22 UTC  

I'm down

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2018-11-30 21:44:06 UTC  

Vice: "The menace of white nationalists gentrifying Detroit"

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2018-11-30 21:44:23 UTC  

@TMatthews πŸ˜‘

2018-11-30 21:44:30 UTC  

We could buy entire blocks for like $1000

2018-11-30 21:44:36 UTC  

dude let's actually do it

2018-11-30 21:44:39 UTC  

Then fence them all off

2018-11-30 21:44:58 UTC  

no just use the house in the middle and have the surrounding houses be watchtowers

2018-11-30 21:44:59 UTC  

Cincinnati, large mansions go for 50,000 which is a mortgage of about 300-400 a month, talk to @Andreas Cincinnatus he's trying to set up something like a chapter house

2018-11-30 21:45:02 UTC  

can we just turn james house into a chapter house against his will?

2018-11-30 21:45:26 UTC  

@Jacob you're going to be a commodity in the zombie apocalypse

2018-11-30 21:45:35 UTC  

@CarletonJ @Jacob if you buy a Detroit house you have to actually live in it or you'll have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes

2018-11-30 21:45:52 UTC  

Yeah. Capital gains and stuff

2018-11-30 21:45:59 UTC  

β€œYes we are the Rocky Mountain Republicans and we would like to buy your block.”

2018-11-30 21:46:11 UTC  

@StevePines -WA Yes, just tell me the address. It's probably like 20 minutes away from me.

2018-11-30 21:46:36 UTC  

@Sam Anderson dude brilliant

2018-11-30 21:46:40 UTC  

let's start a front group

2018-11-30 21:46:45 UTC  

Thats what we went as for DTR

2018-11-30 21:46:53 UTC  

idk his adress lmao

2018-11-30 21:46:54 UTC  

On the hike is what we told people

2018-11-30 21:46:59 UTC  

im never the one driving when we go there

2018-11-30 21:47:37 UTC  

>tfw I haven't seen James since the last Forum he was at

2018-11-30 21:47:49 UTC  

I'm going to make this chapter great again next quarter

2018-11-30 21:47:54 UTC  

i dont think ive seen him since his wedding

2018-11-30 21:48:29 UTC  

Maybe we'll manage to drag him out to the Montana event

2018-11-30 21:48:37 UTC  

when is that again

2018-11-30 21:48:49 UTC  

oh that's right I was supposed to tell people about that and get them added to the server

2018-11-30 21:49:05 UTC  

We're planning on doing it Martin Luther King Day weekend

2018-11-30 21:50:42 UTC  

alright i might be able to make it out

2018-11-30 21:50:58 UTC  

ill have to see what the new semester brings in terms of workload