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2020-12-23 03:19:33 UTC  

@SwordX always

2020-12-23 03:20:27 UTC  

Same to you! Thank you for saying it. Chin up! Its a tough year but the future is definitely brighter days! No matter what anyone else says we all are in control of our destiny.

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2020-12-23 03:27:05 UTC  

Back at ya @SwordX. 🥰✌️🇺🇸

2020-12-23 03:27:32 UTC  

i think Trump has planned for years, he loves this country and his supporters and Christ, and he will never NEVER let the pedaphila, vampire, eugenicist NWO to take over here, and he will crush them everywhere else too

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2020-12-23 03:28:05 UTC  

I read they tried to kill him, how many times like 17 was it?

2020-12-23 03:28:08 UTC  

or 11

2020-12-23 03:28:20 UTC  

some before he was in office

2020-12-23 03:30:33 UTC  

He is the best we have had in our lifetimes. Which is saying something for anyone who lived during Regan years.

2020-12-23 03:34:27 UTC  

@SwordX very much felt the same way by all of us

2020-12-23 03:36:07 UTC  

We are united. This has been an awesome time for getting close to fellow patriots

2020-12-23 03:38:55 UTC  

No Politics no Code I wish all of you the merriest of merry Christmas’ if anyone ever needs a person to chat with via tele or pm I would be willing to help anyway i can! These are the craziest of times we live in and the things we have in common far outweigh our differences! God bless and Good night!

2020-12-23 03:39:44 UTC  

Merry Christmas and goodnighy

2020-12-23 03:43:49 UTC  

good night everyone who is heading in

2020-12-23 03:44:20 UTC  

You should make a voice chat in here

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2020-12-23 04:58:12 UTC  

First time o hear that part

2020-12-23 06:52:29 UTC  

You guys believe the Epstein video? State killing?

2020-12-23 13:49:22 UTC  

We're back to threats of war with "Russia, Russia, Russia!" again.

Ever wonder why? Democrats ALWAYS attack Christians in every way! Russia, not the Soviet Union, is the 2nd largest Christian nation in the world!

2020-12-23 13:49:49 UTC  

Broken record...🙄

2020-12-23 14:07:43 UTC  

Redirect away from china

2020-12-23 15:02:26 UTC  

We’re not going to War. And I think Epstein is alive. Remember double meanings. “Epstein didn’t kill himself”

2020-12-23 17:18:15 UTC  

Not a conventional war, but war with Davos, involving irregular warfare. Special Ops, like what happened in Frankfort

2020-12-23 17:20:36 UTC  

America is the first domino to fall which is very important in thwarting David Rockefeller's Davos led plan. After the US and allies will be together stopping the globalists elsewhere. I imagine Canada will be eyed quickly by Trump and crew.

2020-12-23 17:23:34 UTC  

But Trump will end the "pandemic" here first. People will learn the truth, mass arrests, Emergency Broadcast system. Can't restore the country without taking out all the bad players, MSM, Social Media, globalists here, traitorous and tyrannical governors. Why do you think Gitmo has bee expanded to an ENORMIOUS degree since Trump took over? Or the fact he had the firing squad and hanging brought back?

2020-12-23 17:23:51 UTC  

Massive, mass military tribunals and many executions.

2020-12-23 17:26:34 UTC  

Trump's 2018 order covers it, and its already been activated(foreign interference) which is the specialty of the new AJ and Vice AJ btw. One thing not mentioned in Trump's 2018 EO is the 14th Amendment. That is curious, read about the 14th amendment

2020-12-23 19:35:02 UTC  

I agree, im just saying I doubt there will be a conventional war. So not much to worry about on that.....front

2020-12-23 19:42:15 UTC  

No I agree

2020-12-23 19:42:35 UTC  

From my understanding Trump being elected stopped a real WW3

2020-12-23 19:42:55 UTC  

devastate the globe so they could use Plan A to implement world government

2020-12-23 19:43:06 UTC  

And do away with the population quickly

2020-12-23 19:43:31 UTC  

They counted on Hillary starting it

2020-12-23 19:44:46 UTC  

Because of Trump they had to push back plans for Agenda 21 to Agenda 30, and many globalists lost faith the UN could do the job, so they went with the WEF instead, quicker, more efficient than UN and not subject to nation's scrutiny, tied directly in with central world banks

2020-12-23 19:46:07 UTC  

However that is also the weakness. Central Bank taken down piece by piece, that is the core of the authority they have, always was. Thats why Jay Rockefeller went after the Rothchilds and eliminated any that refused to comply with him, leaving only the NWo branch that currently exists

2020-12-23 19:46:19 UTC  

I do my homework 🙂