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2018-12-03 20:09:34 UTC  

I generally avoid anything new Jeep/Dodge/crystler

2018-12-03 20:09:35 UTC  

Europeans evolved for winter mu dude

2018-12-03 20:09:42 UTC  

@Alexander Pechorin soft eugenics really. I’m against gene editing. There are practices that are dysgenic like welfare and we can stop those

2018-12-03 20:09:44 UTC  

wanting to live in the desert is arab-tier

2018-12-03 20:09:57 UTC  

Good advice, @StevePines -WA

2018-12-03 20:10:05 UTC  

tfw you have to get a minivan 😩

2018-12-03 20:10:16 UTC  

>not knowing aryans are a tropical race.

2018-12-03 20:10:22 UTC  

Don't even get me started on minivans 😂

2018-12-03 20:10:30 UTC  

I like minivans.

2018-12-03 20:10:41 UTC  

yall haven't even been to the other side of the ice wall to see the true tropics of Arya lmaooooooo

2018-12-03 20:10:52 UTC  

I haven't seen like...a single minivan here. Not the traditional minivan. I wonder if its because they aren't good in the snow

2018-12-03 20:11:00 UTC  

Reliable, safe, economical, smooth suspensions.

2018-12-03 20:11:05 UTC  

minivans are chad

2018-12-03 20:11:07 UTC  

I guess I'm biased because my mom had an Odyssey which have terrible ratings on their transmissions

2018-12-03 20:11:14 UTC  

Gonna sleep on lakes at -30F to flex on beach bois

2018-12-03 20:11:20 UTC  

Just get a Yota

2018-12-03 20:11:25 UTC  

And my grandparents had a Kia one that broke down withing 3 weeks of them driving it

2018-12-03 20:11:28 UTC  

Sienna, is that it?

2018-12-03 20:11:43 UTC  

all this carposting makes me miss my bronco <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-12-03 20:11:46 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD same I had to learn to parallel park and drive in the city with minivans for 5 years before I got my current crossover. Made me a better driver

2018-12-03 20:11:48 UTC  

I mean, Minivans are fine for moving the kids and being a grocery getter @Papa Pizzagate

2018-12-03 20:11:58 UTC  

That's literally the point.

2018-12-03 20:12:09 UTC  

Have enough kids that a van is a necessity.

2018-12-03 20:12:18 UTC  

we might just get an SUV, we'll need 4 wheel drive if we are going to live innawoods

2018-12-03 20:12:30 UTC  

Jeeps aren’t very safe either

2018-12-03 20:12:58 UTC  

Sienna has an AWD option.

2018-12-03 20:13:10 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD you are thinking of sequoia.

2018-12-03 20:13:58 UTC  

anyone know of a good SUV that would have lots of headroom for my husband? he's very tall

2018-12-03 20:14:31 UTC  

Cut a hole in the ceiling and seal it with a clear plastic dome

2018-12-03 20:14:37 UTC  


2018-12-03 20:15:01 UTC  

@Isabella Locke-MT Nissan Armada

2018-12-03 20:15:17 UTC  

@Isabella Locke-MT
Europeans are an Oceanic/ Mediterranean climate people, anything else is just Nord snow larping.

2018-12-03 20:16:07 UTC  

@Isabella Locke-MT completely depends on the price range and your husband's prferences.

2018-12-03 20:16:29 UTC  

I am a fan of Toyota/lexus personally.

2018-12-03 20:16:35 UTC  

I'm 100% Northwest european

2018-12-03 20:17:05 UTC  

No southern european in me

2018-12-03 20:17:05 UTC  

God, people here haven’t even read Arctic Home in the Vedas by Sri Turbopudu

2018-12-03 20:18:22 UTC  

75% English/Scottish/Welsh, 10% Irish, 8% Norwegian, 5% German

2018-12-03 20:18:24 UTC  


2018-12-03 20:18:42 UTC  

@Virgil Yes, Britain is very tropical. Y'all realize BAP is ironic?

2018-12-03 20:18:52 UTC  

Aryans are a tropical race.