Message from An Craoibhín Aoibhinn in Anticom #general

2017-07-19 04:14:27 UTC  

Not implying anything just stating my belief

2017-07-19 04:14:58 UTC  

Subhumans being mowed down, im sorry but for better or for worse that image gets me hot and bothered

2017-07-19 04:16:05 UTC  

I will enjoy seeing my enemies suffer, idk maybe Im fucked up in the head or something

2017-07-19 04:16:28 UTC  

Even so, they are not the only ones who will suffer

2017-07-19 04:16:32 UTC  

The Boers won't survive this century

2017-07-19 04:16:33 UTC  

There is no other time I rather be in, personally

2017-07-19 04:16:49 UTC  

Rhodesia will be absent of any Europeans within two decades at this rate

2017-07-19 04:16:58 UTC  

If things keep escalating millions of Europeans will die

2017-07-19 04:17:19 UTC  

I believe that that isn't something that any virtuous man should want to see

2017-07-19 04:18:20 UTC  

If all that in turn leads to entire shitskin races being removed then well

2017-07-19 04:18:30 UTC  

The payoff is worth it

2017-07-19 04:19:02 UTC  

I hope my country takes in the boers, they'll get along with the rhodies

2017-07-19 04:19:29 UTC  

Tell that to the faces of the people you would sacrifice

2017-07-19 04:19:42 UTC  


2017-07-19 04:20:00 UTC  

I must concur that you are indeed fucked up in the head

2017-07-19 04:20:07 UTC  

Something something greater good

2017-07-19 04:20:14 UTC  

@An Craoibhín Aoibhinn Do you know a way to see this through without a single sacrifice?
Can you imagine a single way we get to the end of this without a single person dying?

2017-07-19 04:20:17 UTC  

Something something be on the frontlines then

2017-07-19 04:20:31 UTC  

If you're willing to sacrifice others then first sacrifice yourself

2017-07-19 04:20:43 UTC  

We who were born today are meant to pull ourselves from this world of friction to a world of peace and a coexistence of people between different nations. Not to bring more to suffer because of their deficiencies. But to teach those of other societies the lessons of justice , and mercy, as to keep this world from the brink of total war. So we all live freely within our own nations and with our own people without outer threats to the integrity of our nation.

2017-07-19 04:20:48 UTC  

I'm not saying I have a way to resolve the current issues with no bloodshed

2017-07-19 04:20:48 UTC  

You think I dont want to be on the frontlines? LOL

2017-07-19 04:20:59 UTC  

The idea gets me hard, trust me I will

2017-07-19 04:21:05 UTC  

I hope we all are

2017-07-19 04:21:18 UTC  

I'm saying that people who don't care that many of us won't survive it and even welcome the idea of sacrificing some of us for the "greater good" is abhorrent

2017-07-19 04:21:58 UTC  

On the demographic question a total exchange of populations could be achieved diplomatically but no one will do such a thing, our leaders are against their own people

2017-07-19 04:22:29 UTC  

Recognising that in order to survive you have to sacrifice is rational, welcoming that sacrifice with open arms and reveling in it is sick and perverted

2017-07-19 04:22:38 UTC  

Is he welcoming the act or what it will represent to the long term viability of his people?

2017-07-19 04:22:39 UTC  

Like you said, maybe I really am fucked up

2017-07-19 04:22:43 UTC  

Oh well

2017-07-19 04:23:07 UTC  

They are one and the same

2017-07-19 04:23:17 UTC  

If the survival of the White Race and destruction of its enemies means loss of life on our side, so be it

2017-07-19 04:23:40 UTC  

It goes without saying that there WILL be massive losses

2017-07-19 04:23:46 UTC  

What other way is there

2017-07-19 04:23:46 UTC  

It shouldn't be "fun"

2017-07-19 04:23:51 UTC  


2017-07-19 04:24:05 UTC  

If you enjoy what's coming you have issues to work out on your own

2017-07-19 04:24:16 UTC  

We're in this position as a civilisation out of necessity

2017-07-19 04:24:29 UTC  

And the stupidity of the last generations

2017-07-19 04:25:12 UTC  

Fun and laughter are a coping mechanism.

2017-07-19 04:25:33 UTC  

Hard to argue that cleansing Europe of muzzies wont be enjoyable for those on the frontlines