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2018-12-05 11:51:12 UTC  

little babby

2018-12-05 11:58:05 UTC  

Maybe McNabb and I could hike this Spring. We have already DMd on Twitter a bit.

2018-12-05 11:58:25 UTC  

Will send a pic with the baby @Isabella Locke-MT if this happens.

2018-12-05 11:59:49 UTC  

and of course everyone will get pics of my little one after he decides to make his big debut

2018-12-05 12:02:22 UTC  

We meming hard today folks.

2018-12-05 12:20:08 UTC  

Good morning IE

2018-12-05 12:24:59 UTC  

good morning

2018-12-05 12:34:47 UTC  


2018-12-05 12:38:03 UTC  

My favorite response thus far to the article @GloopGod posted in cyberstrike yesterday:

2018-12-05 12:38:23 UTC  

"Why would they allow this, when they're dedicated to allowing this?"

2018-12-05 12:41:02 UTC  

_Minds blown like they've never been blown before._

2018-12-05 12:45:49 UTC  

Our benevolent overlords did not allow this?

2018-12-05 12:46:21 UTC  

No! Stop! Do not touch my plug! The Matrix is fun!

2018-12-05 13:20:52 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL what’s the name of the article? I’m curious

2018-12-05 13:24:49 UTC  

<#359892798071373824> article

2018-12-05 13:25:25 UTC  

My bad. Didn’t read his comment carefully enough to see that. Found it

2018-12-05 13:25:54 UTC  

one of the fellas reeeeeing about muh white supreeeeeemists deleted all his comments late last night

2018-12-05 13:25:58 UTC  

very sad and low energy!

2018-12-05 13:32:06 UTC  

Good morning guys

2018-12-05 13:43:24 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL gotta say I'm partial to this gem

2018-12-05 13:43:47 UTC  

Good morning. Although I am going back to sleep

2018-12-05 13:43:58 UTC  

Perks of being a housewife

2018-12-05 13:44:48 UTC  

I can sleep whenever I want as long as I get the chores done and food made 👌

2018-12-05 13:46:05 UTC  

Enjoying it while I am still pregnant and don't have an infant to look after

2018-12-05 13:47:09 UTC  

@GloopGod I didn't understand that post at all lol

2018-12-05 13:47:22 UTC  

like Mary Lou is utterly terrified of dudes with stickers and posters

2018-12-05 13:47:28 UTC  

oh gawwwwwd

2018-12-05 13:47:47 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN yeah, I took it as unironic hysteria.

2018-12-05 13:51:19 UTC  

@GloopGod maybe related to “hide ya kids, hide ya wives”

2018-12-05 13:51:52 UTC  

Nevertheless, funny af

2018-12-05 13:55:24 UTC  

@Clayton_H_ATX I'd be thrilled if some random in the county is level-headed and witty about it all. 😂

2018-12-05 14:04:45 UTC  

G'Mornin y'all

2018-12-05 14:05:48 UTC  

If you haven't done a 1 hour lifting circuit before 7AM, are you even Evropean???

2018-12-05 14:11:14 UTC  

@Tyler0317 I lift at night. Only time I can unless I want my kids to attack me while I'm in the garage gym.

2018-12-05 14:11:32 UTC  

That's my excuse

2018-12-05 14:15:40 UTC  

Night lift master class. Why go to work exhausted?

2018-12-05 14:16:11 UTC  


2018-12-05 14:17:32 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN why go to your workout tired?

2018-12-05 14:18:42 UTC  

I... don't?? 🤔

2018-12-05 14:20:02 UTC  

Imagine not huffing enough old formula C4 that you’re “tired” while working out