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2018-12-08 19:39:59 UTC  

I’m just kind of rambling but wanted to hear all your thoughts. I guess my main point is how does a secular ideology compete with religious like zeal? Cause in aspect I think generally they lose, but I don’t know much concerning history besides the Mormons definitely did concede to the US out west

2018-12-08 19:40:15 UTC  

Obviously a big secular group has tamed many religious groups

2018-12-08 19:40:17 UTC  

Sadly some people out there aren't able to discern between religiosity and spirituality. It's getting better though

2018-12-08 19:41:21 UTC  

The secular and even often anti-religiousity of the asian communist movements were quite zealous..

2018-12-08 19:42:49 UTC  

Definitely true. Do you think it’s cause communism is like crazy idealism? Aiming for this Utopia/pie in the sky/ heaven on earth?

2018-12-08 19:42:59 UTC  

So essentially heaven in a lot of ways

2018-12-08 19:43:26 UTC  

It’s probably difficult to delineate ideological/religious Utopianism, for the purposes of the strength of conviction

2018-12-08 19:44:21 UTC  

Heaven on earth = 100,000,000 deaths

2018-12-08 19:46:11 UTC  

It’s very important to distinguish “a desire for improvement” from “a desire for perfection.” The latter leads to some dark places when perfection never comes.

2018-12-08 19:46:40 UTC  

Especially when you try to establish heaven on earth top-bottom style ya

2018-12-08 19:46:53 UTC  

I'm chanting "WE WANT WALLS!"

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I’m dying and going to heaven type belief is harmless ahah

2018-12-08 19:47:56 UTC  

@ophiuchus Also consider the desire for individual improvement versus societal improvement makes a difference.

2018-12-08 19:48:52 UTC  

Is saying "congratulations" an appropriate answer when you find out an acquaintance is jewish?

2018-12-08 19:49:31 UTC  

I didn't know what else to say

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I’m always like “that’s cool”

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In hindsight that probably would've been better.
I was nice about it and she smiled and said thanks, but couldn't hide those "is he patronizing me?" eyes

2018-12-08 19:58:39 UTC  

I just say "Oh wow, that's awesome!"

2018-12-08 19:59:47 UTC  

"weird flex, but okay"

2018-12-08 20:03:14 UTC  

I think the, "Utopia" as an ideal that happens almost immediately is false, and is used more as a lie to promote a evil ideology. One of them being Communism. I don't think an actual, morally sound Utopia would call itself a, "Utopia." Why convince yourself and others of what is already possible? You only have to convince others you're something that you're not, if you have something to hide.

2018-12-08 20:03:15 UTC  

I usually don’t say anything because we’ve generally long been knew by the point they tell you.

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@Goose I'd say..."shalom"

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Also, I hope you Identitarians have gone to the gym and read some books!

Never stop self improving 💪

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@The Eternal Anglo what are you reading these days?

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@Myndrian I personally don't find religion very motivating

2018-12-08 20:38:39 UTC  

It seems too abstract to me. If my politics and religion conflict, the politics would win out just because they're more tangible.

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still more real than the Woke 8-Year-Old Iranian Girl

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LMAO that's a parody of the Syrian girl, right?

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Any thoughts on the concept of free will vs. determinism in regards to a higher power or lack of? I don’t understand how free will can exist without a higher power but maybe my perception of scientific explanation is limited.

2018-12-08 20:52:47 UTC  

@Gregory - NC Our reality exists because we exist, without a observer, all things physical would become waves. There has to be a physical observer in order for things to exist in the physical form.

The same rule applies for the quantum reality, where there must be a quantum observer, in order for the quantum reality to exist, and the quantum reality must exist for us to exist.

Quantum science 101 my dude 👍

2018-12-08 20:54:50 UTC  

Japan's upper house just passed a bill to allow more blue-collar workers into the country. God help Japan.

2018-12-08 20:56:10 UTC  

Why not just make an incentive to birth more native Japanese... <:sad:366743316475281408>

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I’ll look into it but doesn’t someone else’s agreeance on an object’s characteristics give validation that the object exists outside ourselves? @The Eternal Anglo

2018-12-08 20:58:25 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo The current Japanese government are fake conservatives. They put economic growth above all else.

2018-12-08 20:59:33 UTC  

An object exists in with us and outside of our natural perception when not being observed, but it shouldn't matter how many people are observing one object at any given time, since the atoms already pre determine when to be physical or in wave lengths before hand

2018-12-08 21:00:10 UTC  

@Gregory - NC just my take on the whole, "higher being" topic <:galaxybrain:366743669484683264>

2018-12-08 21:00:24 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo I’ll take a look into the subject. Thank you.