Message from Dave - CA in Anticom #general

2017-04-16 05:37:51 UTC  

Just say this

2017-04-16 05:37:55 UTC  

"No EBT"

2017-04-16 05:37:59 UTC  

And it makes them disapear

2017-04-16 05:38:04 UTC  

It's a magical incantation

2017-04-16 05:38:13 UTC

2017-04-16 05:38:16 UTC  

No way dude, she literally did not move till I threw a fucking burrito at her

2017-04-16 05:38:25 UTC  

Call the cops

2017-04-16 05:38:30 UTC  

tfw you hate communists but you live in ohio and everybody here is normal

2017-04-16 05:38:36 UTC  

wat do

2017-04-16 05:38:36 UTC  

apparently we owed her food and none of us remember the bitch so she planted her ass right there

2017-04-16 05:38:36 UTC  

I just don't serve them

2017-04-16 05:38:42 UTC  

or get a little spray bottle and squirt her like she was a cat

2017-04-16 05:38:53 UTC  

Ohio has a lot of Somalis

2017-04-16 05:38:53 UTC  

I wanted to call the cops but we had a fuckload of illegals there and no one wanted the cops to show

2017-04-16 05:39:02 UTC  

Beat her with the mop handle like in coming to America

2017-04-16 05:39:09 UTC  

yes we do in columbus but thats it

2017-04-16 05:39:10 UTC  

should've brought my CCW that day lol

2017-04-16 05:39:20 UTC  

Just get your boots

2017-04-16 05:39:33 UTC  

go AmHistX

2017-04-16 05:39:36 UTC  

Wanted to buy a nice pair of doc martens

2017-04-16 05:39:40 UTC  

also thought I couldn

2017-04-16 05:39:40 UTC  

>we're all bad with women

2017-04-16 05:39:42 UTC  

But the good ones are like 400

2017-04-16 05:39:47 UTC  

You'd have gotten locked up for being a racist skinhead pulling a gun on an independent black woman just trying to feed her chilluns

2017-04-16 05:39:51 UTC  

couldnt hate illegals more than I did before working there lol

2017-04-16 05:39:54 UTC  

scream at her "you fucked with the wrong bull!"

2017-04-16 05:39:55 UTC  

Im not white m8

2017-04-16 05:39:55 UTC  
2017-04-16 05:39:57 UTC  

I mean, Crusader isn't bad with women, so I guess that makes one

2017-04-16 05:40:02 UTC  

are you black?

2017-04-16 05:40:05 UTC  

That's his sister

2017-04-16 05:40:05 UTC  


2017-04-16 05:40:09 UTC  


2017-04-16 05:40:10 UTC

2017-04-16 05:40:17 UTC  


2017-04-16 05:40:24 UTC  

you're white then as long as it serves their purposes.

2017-04-16 05:40:25 UTC

2017-04-16 05:40:43 UTC  

lol I didn't tell the illegals I worked with I could speak spanish and pretended that I couldnt understand them

2017-04-16 05:40:51 UTC

2017-04-16 05:40:52 UTC  

mexicans are some spiteful cunts