Message from Cole in csg #11-11-and-christmas-2019

2019-10-23 18:02:57 UTC  

Dear friend please

2019-10-23 18:07:08 UTC  

Do the needful

2019-10-23 18:08:38 UTC  

What's some fun chink tech from gearbest

2019-10-23 18:10:08 UTC  


2019-10-23 18:11:50 UTC  

conductive earphones

2019-10-23 18:41:19 UTC  


2019-10-23 20:08:00 UTC  

No knives

2019-10-23 20:20:18 UTC  

Instead of throwing out random words that pop into those smooth brains of yours, link to those products.

2019-10-23 20:28:12 UTC  

@Semi Truck mc Clusterfuck don't try your luck

2019-10-23 20:29:52 UTC  

Next person to post a fleshlight or any other toy outside of <#189811441174446080> wins a special <:brainlet:589104479887032330> prize. Seriously don't. Just post it there instead.

2019-10-23 20:32:26 UTC  


2019-10-23 20:57:22 UTC  

I saw some little 60c squishy peeps that were neat

2019-10-23 20:57:27 UTC  

Like very round and cute

2019-10-23 20:58:36 UTC  

If you have a gf (lol) I've bought 2 sets of like 30 hair bows with a clip in all colors and textures. It was like 25$ total and years later not one has degraded and my gf wears them daily still

2019-10-23 20:58:43 UTC  

Very neat gift

2019-10-23 20:59:32 UTC  

Bonus points if you buy a tiny rack to store them

2019-10-23 21:06:40 UTC  

QCY t1 or t2

2019-10-23 21:19:37 UTC  

@foxhunt t2 is the same, just a bigger charging case with a lid

2019-10-23 21:19:50 UTC  

also a bigger battery in the case ofc

2019-10-23 21:19:54 UTC  

I have t1

2019-10-23 21:20:05 UTC  

really happy with them

2019-10-23 21:21:02 UTC  

I was just making a suggestion for them as a gift I already have the t2

2019-10-23 21:34:50 UTC  


2019-10-23 21:42:06 UTC  

Aliprice has really spoiled buying on Ali for me

>Item is 100$ US
>Now 149$ US before 11.11

If i buy some of those small penis things from nsfw and gift them to my family members on x-mas, what reaction do you think it will receive?
Will it be the final drop for my 90 years old grandma?

I also can not find anything like "operation orb" or "elinium type 97/95"
on ali from youjo senki ln/manga or anime.

2019-10-23 21:52:01 UTC  

I think it's a pretty unique gift, but maybe for your S/O

2019-10-23 21:52:05 UTC  

And not family

2019-10-23 21:52:20 UTC  

There's lots of things you can gift to your family, dear

Well, but how many of them cost 10cents hmmmmm

alright, i will think of something else

2019-10-23 21:54:16 UTC  

@π•„π•šπ••π• π•£π•š thats 10 cents without shipping, the total is 7x higher in my case

2019-10-23 21:54:27 UTC  

yeah notice it too, would be like 0.5$ per one

no one uses the mi stuff here

2019-10-23 21:55:41 UTC  

Make them πŸ”« <:honkhonk:381867737443467268>

and most family members can barely make phone call, grandma nearly died because she forgot how to make call

2019-10-23 21:56:24 UTC  

whats a phone

zoom zoom, anyway what would be popular in my family is stuff that you just put somewhere to catch dust

like anime figurines, pictures of jesus, or something of that sort

2019-10-23 21:58:07 UTC  

anime figures of jesus