Message from Mereck in csg #11-11-and-christmas-2019

2019-10-23 21:55:41 UTC  

Make them 🔫 <:honkhonk:381867737443467268>

2019-10-23 21:56:09 UTC  

and most family members can barely make phone call, grandma nearly died because she forgot how to make call

2019-10-23 21:56:24 UTC  

whats a phone

2019-10-23 21:57:15 UTC  

zoom zoom, anyway what would be popular in my family is stuff that you just put somewhere to catch dust

2019-10-23 21:57:25 UTC  

like anime figurines, pictures of jesus, or something of that sort

2019-10-23 21:58:07 UTC  

anime figures of jesus

2019-10-23 21:58:21 UTC  

i ll look for mexican figurines then

2019-10-23 21:59:51 UTC  

also grandma is celebrating 70years together with her husband, should i just get some alcohol or u got better ideas

2019-10-23 22:00:50 UTC  

someone here has "electric lighter" ? that usb charged one, maybe that would be good x-mas gift because almost everyone here smokes.

2019-10-23 22:02:13 UTC  

Electric lighters are iirc mediocre lighters but decent gift idea yea

2019-10-23 22:06:29 UTC  

Would you call it any more dangerous than normal lighter? I do not want to be the one burning them down after they survived hitler n stuff. I guess it is not more dangerous than mobile phones.
Considering that you say they are mediocre as lighters, they may be even too safe.

2019-10-23 22:08:35 UTC  

Well, the only ones I've seen IRL were from a gas station and used a different lighting mechanism than the ones on Ali

2019-10-23 22:08:41 UTC  

They heated a small round element

2019-10-23 22:08:50 UTC  

whereas the ones you see on Ali make a neat plasma arc

2019-10-23 22:09:08 UTC  

I've no clue if that lights better or not

2019-10-24 03:59:52 UTC  

Does anyone know if there is like a Chinese toy that is like those old pinfires?

2019-10-24 04:00:14 UTC  

I just need to cannabalize the lock mech

2019-10-24 11:27:38 UTC  

2019-10-24 12:16:26 UTC  
2019-10-24 13:00:07 UTC  

Thank you guys.

2019-10-24 13:52:11 UTC  

Maybe I'm very lucky but most if not all the items I'm currently watching for 11/11 haven't seen any price increase in the last 2 months

2019-10-24 13:53:15 UTC  

(INB4 they don't get any 11/11 sale)

2019-10-24 14:13:48 UTC  

Show us mereck :^)

2019-10-24 20:45:45 UTC  

nice links

2019-10-24 20:47:32 UTC  

yeaah @Mereck fix your link shit

2019-10-24 20:48:55 UTC  

@Mereck aliprice is nothing but referrals

2019-10-24 20:50:49 UTC  

^ and apparently search_history cookie fishing ? or failed coding (apparently few things can cause the 01-Jan-1970 end date but you never know ?)

2019-10-24 20:52:10 UTC  

wait is Ali price not good I use the app on Android :c

2019-10-24 20:59:08 UTC  

Aliprice injects referral links into your searches for their own profit

2019-10-24 20:59:23 UTC  


2019-10-24 20:59:53 UTC  

I just use it for checking price history, I ain't buying anything through it

2019-10-24 21:00:43 UTC  

If you *have* to use aliprice do it through a browser but not their app

2019-10-24 21:01:20 UTC  

a separate browser or incognito window where you're not logged into aliexpress

2019-10-24 21:01:34 UTC  


2019-10-24 21:01:38 UTC  

so it doesnt leave their cookies behind and still earn off your aliexpress purchase

2019-10-24 21:03:56 UTC  

give your cookies to @Tribit instead

2019-10-24 22:25:07 UTC  

where are the wacky stocking stuffers for under $5?

2019-10-24 22:26:39 UTC  

Cheapo plastic crossbows for 4 bucks or 6 dollars for pot metal