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2019-10-23 21:06:40 UTC  

QCY t1 or t2

2019-10-23 21:19:37 UTC  

@foxhunt t2 is the same, just a bigger charging case with a lid

2019-10-23 21:19:50 UTC  

also a bigger battery in the case ofc

2019-10-23 21:19:54 UTC  

I have t1

2019-10-23 21:20:05 UTC  

really happy with them

2019-10-23 21:21:02 UTC  

I was just making a suggestion for them as a gift I already have the t2

2019-10-23 21:34:50 UTC  


2019-10-23 21:42:06 UTC  

Aliprice has really spoiled buying on Ali for me

>Item is 100$ US
>Now 149$ US before 11.11

2019-10-23 21:47:43 UTC  

If i buy some of those small penis things from nsfw and gift them to my family members on x-mas, what reaction do you think it will receive?
Will it be the final drop for my 90 years old grandma?

I also can not find anything like "operation orb" or "elinium type 97/95"
on ali from youjo senki ln/manga or anime.

2019-10-23 21:52:01 UTC  

I think it's a pretty unique gift, but maybe for your S/O

2019-10-23 21:52:05 UTC  

And not family

2019-10-23 21:52:20 UTC  

There's lots of things you can gift to your family, dear

2019-10-23 21:52:36 UTC  

Well, but how many of them cost 10cents hmmmmm

2019-10-23 21:53:07 UTC  

alright, i will think of something else

2019-10-23 21:54:16 UTC  

@𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕣𝕚 thats 10 cents without shipping, the total is 7x higher in my case

2019-10-23 21:54:27 UTC  

@𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕣𝕚 mi bands are a good gift

2019-10-23 21:54:42 UTC  

yeah notice it too, would be like 0.5$ per one

2019-10-23 21:54:50 UTC  

no one uses the mi stuff here

2019-10-23 21:55:41 UTC  

Make them 🔫 <:honkhonk:381867737443467268>

2019-10-23 21:56:09 UTC  

and most family members can barely make phone call, grandma nearly died because she forgot how to make call

2019-10-23 21:56:24 UTC  

whats a phone

2019-10-23 21:57:15 UTC  

zoom zoom, anyway what would be popular in my family is stuff that you just put somewhere to catch dust

2019-10-23 21:57:25 UTC  

like anime figurines, pictures of jesus, or something of that sort

2019-10-23 21:58:07 UTC  

anime figures of jesus

2019-10-23 21:58:21 UTC  

i ll look for mexican figurines then

2019-10-23 21:59:51 UTC  

also grandma is celebrating 70years together with her husband, should i just get some alcohol or u got better ideas

2019-10-23 22:00:50 UTC  

someone here has "electric lighter" ? that usb charged one, maybe that would be good x-mas gift because almost everyone here smokes.

2019-10-23 22:02:13 UTC  

Electric lighters are iirc mediocre lighters but decent gift idea yea

2019-10-23 22:06:29 UTC  

Would you call it any more dangerous than normal lighter? I do not want to be the one burning them down after they survived hitler n stuff. I guess it is not more dangerous than mobile phones.
Considering that you say they are mediocre as lighters, they may be even too safe.

2019-10-23 22:08:35 UTC  

Well, the only ones I've seen IRL were from a gas station and used a different lighting mechanism than the ones on Ali

2019-10-23 22:08:41 UTC  

They heated a small round element

2019-10-23 22:08:50 UTC  

whereas the ones you see on Ali make a neat plasma arc

2019-10-23 22:09:08 UTC  

I've no clue if that lights better or not

2019-10-24 03:59:52 UTC  

Does anyone know if there is like a Chinese toy that is like those old pinfires?

2019-10-24 04:00:14 UTC  

I just need to cannabalize the lock mech

2019-10-24 11:27:38 UTC  

2019-10-24 12:16:26 UTC  
2019-10-24 13:00:07 UTC  

Thank you guys.

2019-10-24 13:52:11 UTC  

Maybe I'm very lucky but most if not all the items I'm currently watching for 11/11 haven't seen any price increase in the last 2 months

2019-10-24 13:53:15 UTC  

(INB4 they don't get any 11/11 sale)

2019-10-24 14:13:48 UTC  

Show us mereck :^)