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2018-12-12 04:00:07 UTC  

They even alter their bodies in unnecessary expensive ways

2018-12-12 04:00:44 UTC  

@Sam Anderson that just means you can medicate them even more

2018-12-12 04:00:56 UTC  

Nemets you should totally do a "SubCon Recon" bit for the podcasts

2018-12-12 04:01:22 UTC  

Not IE's, but one of the TRS or Red Ice or something

2018-12-12 04:01:56 UTC  

Imagine being an Indian billionaire and spending your money on stupid shit while your people languish in a national sewer

2018-12-12 04:02:02 UTC  

Transgenderism is bourgeoise decadence

2018-12-12 04:02:29 UTC  

I bet Third Rail would play a segment if you recorded it. @Nemets

2018-12-12 04:02:52 UTC  

@Nemets indeed but its just such objectively disgusting behaviour

2018-12-12 04:04:00 UTC  

My buddy had to teach his Padjeet neighbors how to use deoderant.

2018-12-12 04:04:29 UTC  

Guys, Trump is a clown

2018-12-12 04:04:51 UTC  

Encourage them to use exclusively aluminum based deoderant, slowly destroy them from within

2018-12-12 04:05:08 UTC  

@Nemets "Asian Appraisal"

2018-12-12 04:05:45 UTC  

@Nemets first time I hear of it

2018-12-12 04:06:14 UTC  

Is Asian Appraisal where we list how acceptable Asians are by sub group?

2018-12-12 04:06:30 UTC  

Like Japs the Koreans ect ect then subcons?

2018-12-12 04:06:57 UTC  

Guys Finno-urgics are the top of the oriental pyramid

2018-12-12 04:07:11 UTC  

blacks are the best minority

2018-12-12 04:07:21 UTC  


2018-12-12 04:07:36 UTC  

black people are at least funny

2018-12-12 04:07:39 UTC  

@Sam Anderson well that's rather easy
1. Japs
2. Roof Koreans
3. Based Mongols
4. Duterte's squad
5. Best Koreans
6. Other Koreans
7. the rest

2018-12-12 04:08:47 UTC

2018-12-12 04:08:51 UTC  

Best Asian

2018-12-12 04:09:08 UTC  


2018-12-12 04:09:08 UTC  

You know it

2018-12-12 04:09:26 UTC  

The God of war

2018-12-12 04:09:36 UTC  

Dalai lama said so

2018-12-12 04:09:54 UTC  

> funny
> very open about their intentions
> fairly easy to understand
> boooooring
> hide in the shadows and quietly gain political power
> seriously does anyone actually know how to communicate with these guys?

2018-12-12 04:11:08 UTC  

Injuns >>>> Blacks

2018-12-12 04:11:11 UTC  

Blacks best minority

2018-12-12 04:11:30 UTC  

We’re the only other people they understand

2018-12-12 04:11:52 UTC  

If you have to contract cancer...I guess really vocal easily identified cancer is best - easy to get rid of

2018-12-12 04:11:54 UTC  

Amerindians are either based or drunk fatties that wallow at home.

2018-12-12 04:12:27 UTC  

Amerindians love drinking that scope mouthwash

2018-12-12 04:12:37 UTC  

Some prefer that crest

2018-12-12 04:12:40 UTC  

But they don't sleep in the road

2018-12-12 04:12:46 UTC  

Or drink petrol

2018-12-12 04:12:49 UTC  


2018-12-12 04:14:13 UTC  

Mexicans are Amerindian so...

2018-12-12 04:14:20 UTC  

I still wonder if Aborigines are an elaborate shitpost the Australians are pulling. They can't be real

2018-12-12 04:14:40 UTC  

@metasophocles Aztec Spaniard hybrids.

2018-12-12 04:15:19 UTC  

I want to see Abos IRL one day. To communicate with one would be sweet, like talking to a prehistoric person