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2018-12-12 11:03:44 UTC  

We have 3. First two are boys, 8 and 6, and a girl, 4

2018-12-12 11:04:20 UTC  

Funny, I'm actually getting surgery to undo my vasectomy

2018-12-12 11:04:34 UTC  

Why did you have one?

2018-12-12 11:04:56 UTC  

Yep, after our last child I was burned out.

2018-12-12 11:05:30 UTC  

I wish I didn't get it done but here we are

2018-12-12 11:05:41 UTC  

Nothing to do for it now

2018-12-12 11:05:54 UTC  

Except try to reverse it

2018-12-12 11:06:11 UTC  

Yep. I was lucky and our insurance will cover it.

2018-12-12 11:06:17 UTC  

That's good

2018-12-12 11:06:41 UTC  

It would be about $8,000 out of pocket to have the surgery

2018-12-12 11:07:34 UTC  

That is expensive. More expensive than my birth at the birth center. I decided to go with midwives instead of an OB/GYN because I didn't want them to pressure me into interventions I didn't want to have

2018-12-12 11:08:05 UTC  

The whole thing-prenatal, the birth and postpartum will be $5750

2018-12-12 11:08:45 UTC  

Crap that sounds a ton better than going through what me and my wife went through

2018-12-12 11:09:11 UTC  

I haven't had coffee so it's not my fault that sentence is terrible

2018-12-12 11:10:01 UTC  

btw, I don't know how you're managing without coffee or any caffeine.

2018-12-12 11:10:56 UTC  

I do have a little coffee a few times a week, usually 6-8 oz. It's safe to have up to 200 mg of caffeine

2018-12-12 11:11:13 UTC  

If you guys conceive again, I would look into the midwives in your area

2018-12-12 11:12:42 UTC  

I know she really wants to go to a midwife but it was pretty expensive at the time

2018-12-12 11:14:14 UTC  

I have heard so many stories of OB/GYNs blatantly disrespecting women's wishes that I don't ever want to birth at a hospital.

2018-12-12 11:15:07 UTC  

Imo, they treat pregnancy like a condition to be treated and not a natural process that women have been doing forever

2018-12-12 11:15:29 UTC  

Yeah, I think you're right. That's pretty messed up.

2018-12-12 11:15:47 UTC  

In hindsight, it was like that when my kids were born

2018-12-12 11:16:28 UTC  

My friend's sister had multiple miscarriages. I feel really bad for her because having kids is the one thing she wants more than anything else.

2018-12-12 11:17:09 UTC  

She finally managed to get to 7 months this time though so hopefully it works out.

2018-12-12 11:17:35 UTC  

Once you get past 3 months, the chances of miscarriage decrease dramatically

2018-12-12 11:18:26 UTC  

Miscarriages are heartbreaking 😰

2018-12-12 11:19:30 UTC  

Well I didn't expect to revisit bad memories in the morning lol

2018-12-12 11:19:40 UTC  


2018-12-12 11:20:06 UTC  

Lol it's fine. I'm making breakfast atm anyway

2018-12-12 11:20:38 UTC  

I've got to get my husband's lunch ready

2018-12-12 11:21:43 UTC  

Nothing is more awesome than having your lunch ready to go. Hate having to pack my own when I'm in a rush.

2018-12-12 11:23:07 UTC  

Yeah I usually get it ready for him, especially since I'm staying home. I really like doing it. I like making his coffee in the morning too but lately he's been getting up before me

2018-12-12 11:23:42 UTC  

Yeah, generally guys make the coffee, in my experience.

2018-12-12 11:25:06 UTC  

I don't know why but I've made coffee the majority of the time for my wife. Even when I didn't drink coffee. That's when we first started to live together.

2018-12-12 11:33:25 UTC  

That's nice

2018-12-12 11:36:55 UTC  

@Isabella Locke-MT I was a stay at home dad for about 3 years so I was responsible for maintaining the house and kids in order. It's a job that you can't really "clock out"

2018-12-12 11:38:34 UTC  

Yeah that's true. But I think that's true for all parents. Once you have a little baby, there are really no sick days.

2018-12-12 11:39:20 UTC  

Even if you get a babysitter, there will always be the parent-mode in the back of your mind.

2018-12-12 11:39:52 UTC  

Definitely. Wondering if the baby is still okay, etc

2018-12-12 11:40:28 UTC  

Once you have kids, it's hard imagining life without them

2018-12-12 11:40:43 UTC  

They're awesome