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2018-12-12 17:19:59 UTC  

Wow <#481597551272001546> is giving a great reading list today, I will have to catch up.

I also came here to post one, just thought it was funny the blatant identity politics:

2018-12-12 17:32:31 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN Bibi Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel. He is not an American politician.

Why would Mark Dice tweet that about him?

2018-12-12 17:33:09 UTC  

Because he tweets and makes propaganda in a foreign language (English) to undermine our Republic

2018-12-12 17:33:30 UTC  

Which part are you not following

2018-12-12 17:34:26 UTC  

The part where he's trying to undermine our Republic. Outside of foreign aid I really don't see that for Bibi.

2018-12-12 17:34:45 UTC  

America's failure would be catastrophic for Israel.

2018-12-12 17:34:46 UTC  

ah yes, only just under 4 billion a year, barely a drop in the bucket

2018-12-12 17:35:27 UTC  

not to mention sending our soldiers to die and get maimed/ptsd in territorial wars for israel

2018-12-12 17:35:33 UTC  

Sure, it's an issue - but one that predates Netanyahu and expands much further into lobbying.

2018-12-12 17:35:53 UTC  

you may not like it, but for an Israeli, Bibi is pretty reactionary.

2018-12-12 17:36:08 UTC  

He's effectively an ethno-nationalist for his people.

2018-12-12 17:36:17 UTC  

having us fight his wars is undermining our republic whether you call it that or not

2018-12-12 17:36:23 UTC  

having us fund his nation is undermining our republic

2018-12-12 17:36:32 UTC  

having his people steal our military tech undermines our republic

2018-12-12 17:36:39 UTC  

he undermines our republic

2018-12-12 17:37:22 UTC  

Well, I wasn't really looking to get into an argument here, but many of these issues far predate Netanyahu - I absolutely agree they are concerns - two things I'd note.

2018-12-12 17:37:55 UTC  

a lot of these issues predate schumer

2018-12-12 17:38:04 UTC  

doesn't prevent marky from tweeting about it without remonstrations

2018-12-12 17:38:15 UTC  

that's not coherent to use as a point

2018-12-12 17:38:37 UTC  

Oh, okay then.

2018-12-12 18:12:49 UTC  

Israel simply takes advantage of the weak disposition that modern America already had, yes it's a bit immoral but how much can you really blame them? Particularly with their geopolitical position in the world, they have to rely on foreign powers for protection.

That being said, i'll admit that Israel has an absolutely terrible foreign policy when dealing with most countries.

2018-12-12 18:15:47 UTC  

Lol im not blaming them. But if mark is going to call out people for tweeting in foreign languages for the sake of propaganda, then why not also call out bibi for the same? Besides the obvious that he won’t challenge that particular hegemony, there’s no reason not to attack Bibi for exactly what he’s attacking Schumer for.

2018-12-12 18:17:55 UTC  

Because the right hates Schumer. It's a feasible target and a winnable victory. Mark Dice can safely attack an American politician with some amount of gusto without being defamed, losing his platform accusations of Anti-Semitism... Not so for Bibi

2018-12-12 18:18:27 UTC  

“Besides the obvious that he won’t challenge that particular hegemony”

2018-12-12 18:18:56 UTC  

My only point was that bibi is doing the same as Schumer ffs

2018-12-12 18:22:17 UTC  

Oh, I see.

2018-12-12 18:23:19 UTC  

I don't really see it as the same though. Bibi is a foreign leader - securing as much power and capital for his nation is his job.

2018-12-12 18:23:40 UTC  

Schumer should be representing his constituency and country. What Chuck is doing is worse.

2018-12-12 18:23:56 UTC  

Israel is getting pretty cozy with China.

2018-12-12 18:24:23 UTC  

Is bibi a foreign agent working to undermine the republic through the use of foreign language propaganda?

2018-12-12 18:24:38 UTC  

If so, it’s exactly what mark was calling out Schumer for.

2018-12-12 18:24:48 UTC

2018-12-12 18:26:32 UTC  

"Is bibi a foreign agent working to undermine the republic through the use of foreign
language propaganda?"

No, he's trying to leverage it to his advantage. A weakened America would be disastrous for Israel.

2018-12-12 18:27:13 UTC  

Regardless, I feel like we are splitting hairs here.

2018-12-12 18:27:36 UTC  

We should try to remain pragmatic and focus on the possible and productive, instead of the unlikely unobtainable ideal.

2018-12-12 18:27:59 UTC  

The jq is a very complex high iq subject. I'm not sure Mark Dice is equipped to handle subject matter like that. Furthermore what would he have to gain from talking about Israel, if anything it will cost him.

2018-12-12 18:28:07 UTC  

Ah yes, it’s definitely not undermining us to fund the Israeli nation, to have them steal our military technology, and to have our people die in wars for them.

2018-12-12 18:30:08 UTC  

True enough, Sam.

2018-12-12 18:32:37 UTC  

Israel is a constant baseline for the MIC as well.

2018-12-12 18:32:57 UTC  

Ya know other than Afghanistan for decades.