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2017-03-06 18:49:53 UTC  

and yeah no fuck antidiscrimination laws for churches or private businesses

2017-03-06 18:49:55 UTC  

god bless the free market

2017-03-06 18:50:07 UTC  

only public property should be subject to them

2017-03-06 18:50:15 UTC  

because taxes gotta be paid either way

2017-03-06 18:50:26 UTC  

if a small business doesnt want to bake a gay cake, it shouldn't be forced to

2017-03-06 18:50:32 UTC  

taxes are discriminatory to those who make more money

2017-03-06 18:50:38 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:50:49 UTC  

why does the govt think if you make more money you automatically have more to give away

2017-03-06 18:50:55 UTC  

Why should you get more money taken away from the you the harder you work

2017-03-06 18:50:56 UTC

2017-03-06 18:50:59 UTC  

i mean you do but you shouldnt be forced to

2017-03-06 18:51:30 UTC  

money is the reward for innovation hard work and organization

2017-03-06 18:51:32 UTC  

Catholics are cucked so badly by their own leader

2017-03-06 18:51:40 UTC  

to take away the reward for that is to say its not valuable to have those traits

2017-03-06 18:52:12 UTC  

Almost all confessions of christianity are cucked

2017-03-06 18:52:53 UTC  

New pope when

2017-03-06 18:53:01 UTC  

Truth, but Catholicism has a primary figurehead to lead the cucks to a cuck religion of gun control and refugees

2017-03-06 18:53:05 UTC  

when you kil him

2017-03-06 18:53:14 UTC  

We need another pope Urban ll

2017-03-06 18:53:20 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:53:29 UTC  

Catholic = numale until they depose their leader

2017-03-06 18:53:35 UTC  

till then there is literally no difference

2017-03-06 18:53:37 UTC  

We need crusade to Berlin

2017-03-06 18:53:46 UTC  

As a cat a holic

2017-03-06 18:53:52 UTC  

this is comfy

2017-03-06 18:53:54 UTC  

The pope is a kike

2017-03-06 18:54:03 UTC  

i've got a dog on my lap and i'm reading you people call out papists

2017-03-06 18:54:08 UTC  

so was torquemada.. but he did some good

2017-03-06 18:54:25 UTC  

> you people

2017-03-06 18:54:52 UTC  

literally the ONLY thing that Catholicism seems to be against is traps

2017-03-06 18:55:02 UTC  

its a very very small start, but i guess 1/100 is still a point

2017-03-06 18:55:09 UTC  

@Verm once used "you people" while talking to a group of blacks at my school

2017-03-06 18:55:18 UTC  

what's the phrase about being comfortable around africans?

2017-03-06 18:55:19 UTC  

Catholicism is very broad, plenty of conservative people

2017-03-06 18:55:29 UTC  

Just wait until we have a pope from opus dei

2017-03-06 18:55:46 UTC  

Do they reject the pope openly or are they "moderate dindunufin" like Muslims?

2017-03-06 18:55:54 UTC  

never lounge about melanoids

2017-03-06 18:55:59 UTC  

I will believe it after a new schism

2017-03-06 18:56:07 UTC  

seriously though, what's wrong with black people

2017-03-06 18:56:07 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:56:16 UTC  

i mean I just said "you people" as in, referring to a group, and they freaked out