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2018-12-13 02:17:52 UTC  

As a moustachless person, I'm offended. I want reparations!!

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2018-12-13 02:18:00 UTC  

Okay, cool.

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2018-12-13 02:18:25 UTC  

Moustaches lame. Moustache-less Amish Beards rise up

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2018-12-13 02:18:45 UTC  

"Aji--, uh Jai-- uh, uh- Salvini!"

2018-12-13 02:18:45 UTC  

Yellow Jackets > Atomwaffen

2018-12-13 02:19:12 UTC  

Guys who only shave like twice a week because they get lazy somtimes, rise up.

2018-12-13 02:19:38 UTC  

If you don't shave every 6 hours with a straight razor are you even white?

2018-12-13 02:19:40 UTC  

once a week gang gang

2018-12-13 02:19:50 UTC  

"Normalize the Radicals to Radicalize the Normies"

2018-12-13 02:20:05 UTC  

tfw can't grow a beard

2018-12-13 02:20:07 UTC  

Normies (especially boomers) have money

2018-12-13 02:20:10 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Stealing that quote...

2018-12-13 02:20:33 UTC  

wtf I love boomers now

2018-12-13 02:20:47 UTC  

@GDoctor It is said by the hosts of "Helicopter Mom" podcast

2018-12-13 02:20:56 UTC  

Can't take credit myself

2018-12-13 02:21:10 UTC  

🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀

2018-12-13 02:21:16 UTC  

@TMatthews if only we could get them to donate and remember a nickle doesn't get us very far these days

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2018-12-13 02:21:39 UTC  

When are we naming the jew in the canyon?!

2018-12-13 02:21:39 UTC  

Grand canyon nationalism?

2018-12-13 02:22:03 UTC  

People who are plugged into the system are more likely to be successful in it. Dissidents are always going to have a tendency to be less successful

2018-12-13 02:22:04 UTC  

Look in the mirror and name the You

2018-12-13 02:22:06 UTC  

Hard to find a balance

2018-12-13 02:22:10 UTC  

we want every well-adjusted manlet in america

2018-12-13 02:22:11 UTC  

A lot of WNs want to be fringe, because a lot of WNs are rebelling against their parents.

2018-12-13 02:22:13 UTC  

Implying, lol...

2018-12-13 02:22:22 UTC  

lanklets rise up!

2018-12-13 02:22:26 UTC  

I was never a normie.

2018-12-13 02:22:29 UTC  

We have to play nice with the normies, gang.
Learn to share the memes

2018-12-13 02:22:46 UTC  

i definitely was a normie and i still am in a way

2018-12-13 02:22:46 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD GOMAD makes Lanklet into beasts

2018-12-13 02:22:50 UTC  

How about instead, we name the "Blue"

2018-12-13 02:23:02 UTC  

I red pilled myself starting around age 14

2018-12-13 02:23:57 UTC  

The truth is that some people get into identitarianism for some of the same reasons people become SJWs. They want an identity to bolt on to themselves, they want someone to blame for their problems, they want to lash out at the world, _etc._

2018-12-13 02:24:33 UTC  

avalonia? lol never heard of it

2018-12-13 02:24:38 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate an he looks like he could stop a train with his jawline...

2018-12-13 02:24:45 UTC  

Dat face though

2018-12-13 02:24:45 UTC  

In a lot of other alt-right groups they look at you weird if you *Aren't* a sperg