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2018-12-13 21:29:44 UTC  

Did the congressional hearing already happen, or did it not start yet?

2018-12-13 21:31:32 UTC  

if clinton gets pinched for tax evasion, i might lose it

2018-12-13 21:31:53 UTC  

@Axel still going on, scroll up

2018-12-13 21:32:06 UTC  

Lol, the ole "Wesley Snipes" maneuver?

2018-12-13 21:32:09 UTC  

Awesome, thanks

2018-12-13 21:32:22 UTC  

Some mothafuckas always tryna ice-skate uphill...

2018-12-13 21:38:28 UTC  

i can't tell who's BSing at this point

2018-12-13 21:40:21 UTC  

@Goose Wesley Snipes got imprisoned for tax evasion. I thus quoted his bizarre, nonsensical one-liner after his boss battle in "Blade (1)." Which is often true in life. Many people are trying to metaphorically ice skate uphill.

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2018-12-13 21:40:36 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN i'm talking about the hearing lol

2018-12-13 21:41:47 UTC  

@Gumbo - AZ Well we're not getting Russian money, can we get Ingress/PokemonGo money like this absurd article suggests.

2018-12-13 21:42:33 UTC  

Absurd article says IE hates women and frequently promotes historical German politics

2018-12-13 21:42:50 UTC  

“I think it’s bad” “I think it’s dangerous” but no evidence of anything

2018-12-13 21:43:16 UTC  

I wonder how many of these "mothers and grandmothers" thought D&D made you satanic in the 80s. Now they protect the homosexual globalist order run by Satanic wannabes.

Jim Goad's not the first or last to observe that the left really are the new "Church Ladies."

2018-12-13 21:43:37 UTC  

patriarchy is not anti-woman lol

2018-12-13 21:43:48 UTC  

and promotes historical german politics is laughable

2018-12-13 21:43:52 UTC  

> These guys are evil racists
> But here's free publicity for their flyers
Boomers will never learn

2018-12-13 21:44:49 UTC  

They can't help feeding the trolls

2018-12-13 21:45:12 UTC  

Can't wait until the hike vidya / expanded DtR video drops

2018-12-13 21:45:43 UTC  

What a dumb article. Stopped reading at the "hates women" part.

2018-12-13 21:47:57 UTC  

"their version of religions norms." Dumb coastie transplant has no clue we're probably ironically more religiously diverse than their entire social circle,which is surely all materialist, nihilist, hedonists (even the ones with a particular ethno-religious heritage), with a few new-age woo woos.

2018-12-13 21:49:36 UTC  

Lmao it admits their network is made of catladies

2018-12-13 21:49:58 UTC  

Cringe and boomerpilled

2018-12-13 21:50:20 UTC  

Secret society of cat ladies fighting fascism. Real good look. Really gonna win the youth.

2018-12-13 21:50:45 UTC  

This must be how commies felt in the 60s

2018-12-13 21:50:51 UTC  

small whitepill for our TX crew

2018-12-13 21:51:05 UTC  

Lmao, have people actually been flyering at Poke stops? I'm too much of a boomer to know about that kind of thing. lol if true.

2018-12-13 21:51:35 UTC  

Pokestops are just at statistically busy places previously tagged as landmarks by ingress. Natrually busy places are good to flyer.

2018-12-13 21:51:39 UTC  

not defeated, only moving to work elsewhere, but still a minor win

2018-12-13 21:52:33 UTC  

But we should encourage their paranoia.

2018-12-13 21:53:12 UTC  

What's the most fashy Pokemon?

2018-12-13 21:53:16 UTC  

Pokemon Go(y)?

2018-12-13 21:53:31 UTC  

Raichu? Double lightning baseball cap avatar

2018-12-13 21:53:33 UTC  

Any samurai pokemon

2018-12-13 21:53:54 UTC  


2018-12-13 21:53:56 UTC  

Magikarp... laughingstock until it becomes OP Gyrados

2018-12-13 21:54:10 UTC  

The white borders around these emojis kills me everytime I see it

2018-12-13 21:54:33 UTC  

Hey I made that

2018-12-13 21:54:34 UTC  

<:chad:359013583469805568> <:nervous:359009898115104770> <:teehee:381917632359563264> <:pepe:359012488920039424> <:coolpepe:366743374105018368> <:awoo:359012181611642890>