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2018-12-14 06:04:23 UTC  

Annihilation, yes.

2018-12-14 06:04:35 UTC  

I read the books, which were pretty good.

2018-12-14 06:04:45 UTC  

Oh, I didn't see it. Many bizarre memes on /tv/ came out of it, though.

2018-12-14 06:06:28 UTC  

Hollywood blackening/infinite reboots has a silver lining. People will be driven to create new and/or return to old stories. Exile yourselves from the schlock

2018-12-14 06:08:38 UTC  

@Nemets Saiyans are hapas though

2018-12-14 06:09:13 UTC  

Or maybe Kazakhs (implying a difference)

2018-12-14 06:10:14 UTC  

Nemets is the expert, I'm just BSing

2018-12-14 06:11:57 UTC  

ive tried many times to like anime...still hasn't happened.

2018-12-14 06:12:27 UTC  

closest thing to anime I've liked is Avatar the Last Airbender <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-12-14 06:12:47 UTC  

*Nate is typing...*

2018-12-14 06:12:49 UTC  

everyone hide!

2018-12-14 06:16:51 UTC  


2018-12-14 06:17:03 UTC  

Wasn’t actually typing

2018-12-14 06:19:17 UTC  

Lord, make me an instrument of your will. Where there is injustice against my people may I bring right. Where there is error may I bring truth. Where my people despair may I bring hope. Grant that I may comfort my people rather than to be comforted - to serve them rather than to be served. For it is by putting the needs of my people before my own that I may best serve to secure the existence of my race and a future for White children. Good night, and peace be with you.

2018-12-14 06:35:04 UTC  

Hay @ThisIsChris I got an Indian girls number what now bro?

2018-12-14 06:39:27 UTC  

And that’s how I got kicked out of IE.

2018-12-14 06:45:46 UTC  


2018-12-14 06:46:40 UTC  

Highly doubt.

2018-12-14 06:46:54 UTC  

She was very dark.

2018-12-14 06:49:17 UTC  

So not even

2018-12-14 06:49:40 UTC  

Daily black pill 😎

2018-12-14 06:50:39 UTC  


2018-12-14 06:52:39 UTC  

I’m genuinely worried about defending myself from a non white person now because I feel like if law enforcement looked at my phone I’d be doomed lmao

2018-12-14 06:53:39 UTC  

I'm genuinely worried about defending myself from a person

2018-12-14 06:53:40 UTC  

That feel is too real

2018-12-14 06:53:57 UTC  

I’m genuinely worried

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2018-12-14 06:54:16 UTC  

This is epic

2018-12-14 06:54:28 UTC  

Can we get 500 likes?

2018-12-14 06:54:47 UTC  

I just ate 3 cans of tuna fish

2018-12-14 06:55:03 UTC  

I need someone to give me a quick rundown on diets and nutrition

2018-12-14 06:55:11 UTC  

I feel like that wasn't a great idea

2018-12-14 06:55:15 UTC  

But I feel great now

2018-12-14 06:55:24 UTC  

1. Don't give yourself mercury poisoning

2018-12-14 06:55:31 UTC  

dont get em started

2018-12-14 06:55:43 UTC  

I’ve been eating salmon every couple of days

2018-12-14 06:55:47 UTC  

It’s not canned tho

2018-12-14 06:55:59 UTC  

Strong like the bear

2018-12-14 06:56:00 UTC  

Mercury makes you strong against illnesses

2018-12-14 06:56:03 UTC