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@Clarion -FL i often use the "when a plane is crashing, you put on your own mask first before helping anyone else" analogy

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And now you can use the meme also

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@VinceChaos lol that's great, it'll come in handy

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@Goose @VinceChaos good analogy

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also @Clarion -FL, what obligation does the US have to the rest of the world?
shouldn't we let other nations live freely without interference?

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Made it to Miami today fellas

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Gonna go to the turning point conference in a couple days

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Miami is a shit hole and I hate it

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Minimal whites and traffic is third world, I've never seen traffic this bad

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Redbox those cucks

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@Goose Although I think that's an excellent argument and we can hit it from every angle (and should), I stick to the "America Only" point. I never make an argument that what we should/not do is good for another country (even if it's also good for us) because what I want to do is completely break the chains of the mental framing that what we do or do not do should ever have any framing for another country. Ever.

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America Only > America First

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valid point

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It’s a great point that I would push to people who already accept America first principles

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@StevePines -WA , Miami is a definite shithole. But there are some IE members in Miami if you had any time to hang out.

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The other profiles of right extremists “the boys are athletic and they buy farms in the country and restore them” so wholesome oh no!

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I might but I'm with a group of guys and some of them aren't in the org there is one who is though

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I think both points should be hit. I've pretty carefully curated my normie sphere interactions to be the person who is willing to say what they're *almost ready* to think. I though that this tactic was working and was validated the first migrant border situation a few months ago. All my basic conservative normies were talking about why it was actually moral or right *as to the interests of the migrants* to turn "asylum seekers" away at the border. I went in full "I only care about my people and my children'. I was shocked to see the fast turn around. It was like on contact narrative change. Beautiful.

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@StevePines -WA @Zyzz would be the guy to talk to if you were in that area

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@Clarion -FL i've noticed people just need to be primed or hear someone openly defend what they honestly believe

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@Goose , I've noticed that too.

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Normies need someone to correctly frame the world for them.

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I’ve done something similar I told my roommate to look out for Ben Shapiro’s foreign policy views as he may be biased. He heard him say Wikileaks is a Russian operation or whatever he said and he was totally turned off to Ben after

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I’m encouraged by what y’all are saying. That’s good to hear I’m gonna have to go the extra step

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I searched my normiebook log. This is what I said. And similar on every post about the situation that I saw on my normies' pages. It was beautiful to watch them start framing it as a "you can't come here because this is my children's home"

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broke: asylum seekers are different than illegal aliens

woke: everyone GTFO. this is my children's home. not yours.

Most of real life is zero sum. I have a duty to my own people and my own children. It's no longer theoretical that mass immigration from south and central America is making America a worse place.

I support continued foreign aid and skills building programs for them to try to change their cultural values and conditions which yield the hell holes they're fleeing.

I certainly don't support them flooding into my country and further degrading my children's homeland with their shithole values.

I am doing everything I can to make sure that my children never have to live in the 3rd World shitholes that are right now being replicated in my children's homeland where South and Central American migrants are already in heavy population.

I don't have to explain how this is "fair" or "just" or anything else *from the perspective of the migrants*.

I have a duty to my children, my people, and my nation.

I take OUR side.

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So much intellectual firepower all to do what other countries do by instinct

2018-12-18 05:03:54 UTC  

We've been mindfucked for quite awhile. But instinct is instinct and we'll be able to bring it back.

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Foreign aid needs to be restructured/revamped/rethought entirely but I’m sure you get that as well

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"Sure. We can help them. Over there. Not here." was what my normies needed.

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Any of my dearest brothers read this paper?

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its about

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ethnocentric domination in cooperation tactics

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in populations and how it dominates. these were computer simulations. Its not a fun conclusion obviously.

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Ethnocentrism just completely dominates humanitarian aka working with everyone

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It’s actually more cost effective to help them out in their own countries or to send “true refugees” to countries adjacent to their own