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2018-12-18 05:09:53 UTC  

Any of my dearest brothers read this paper?

2018-12-18 05:09:55 UTC  

its about

2018-12-18 05:10:06 UTC  

ethnocentric domination in cooperation tactics

2018-12-18 05:10:33 UTC  

in populations and how it dominates. these were computer simulations. Its not a fun conclusion obviously.

2018-12-18 05:10:48 UTC  

Ethnocentrism just completely dominates humanitarian aka working with everyone

2018-12-18 05:12:27 UTC  

It’s actually more cost effective to help them out in their own countries or to send “true refugees” to countries adjacent to their own

2018-12-18 05:13:12 UTC  

@Myndrian def heard of it before, hadn’t seen the study thanks for linking

2018-12-18 05:13:30 UTC  

Ya its a good read. I couldnt get a lot of it but the main message is pretty damning

2018-12-18 05:13:46 UTC  

I guess it even lends a view to your guys' conversation

2018-12-18 05:14:08 UTC  


2018-12-18 05:14:23 UTC  

Foreign aid seems pointless in a lot of countries.

2018-12-18 05:14:38 UTC  

Foreign aid harms local businesses

2018-12-18 05:15:27 UTC  

The Mestizo shirt selling business gets undercut when we send them Elsa from Frozen shirts for free

2018-12-18 05:17:05 UTC  

Just donating your crap is pointless. Pewdiepie did a charity for India after people accused him of being racist and it’s just like ughhhh you’re flushing your money down the toilet

2018-12-18 05:17:30 UTC  

Ya. That's unfortunate for him. I'm sure he is quite red pill on many things being a citizen of the internet

2018-12-18 05:18:18 UTC  

Ive seen a few compilations of his "Red pill" hints but idk. But yes, most aid to 3rd world countries is pointless at the end of the day. Maybe simple things that they could maintain for quality of life

2018-12-18 05:18:22 UTC  

like fucking wells lol

2018-12-18 05:18:35 UTC  

He follows Lauren Southern and Stefan Moly he’s not all bad

2018-12-18 05:18:55 UTC  

That's good

2018-12-18 05:19:27 UTC  

The recent attacks about him being anti Semitic bc of promoting a channel called E;R are crazy

2018-12-18 05:19:43 UTC  

oh I havent heard. whats going on exactly?

2018-12-18 05:19:52 UTC  

Will link article

2018-12-18 05:19:55 UTC  


2018-12-18 05:19:56 UTC  

Actually video

2018-12-18 05:20:31 UTC  

Btw I just watched Outlaw King on Netflix. quite good

2018-12-18 05:20:35 UTC  

Robert the Bruce. A homie

2018-12-18 05:20:54 UTC
He made a first response video but this is better

2018-12-18 05:21:46 UTC  

Oh nice and cast seems accurate

2018-12-18 05:22:40 UTC  

I forgot this guy is quite funny

2018-12-18 05:22:49 UTC  

*laughs in Swedish*

2018-12-18 05:23:08 UTC  

He promoted a based and redpilled YTer and didn’t know he was /our guy/. Media goes berserk

2018-12-18 05:23:22 UTC  

I’m a fan for sure

2018-12-18 05:23:34 UTC  

Before I was ever in the movement

2018-12-18 05:29:24 UTC  

Generals dead tonight eh

2018-12-18 05:35:16 UTC  

I guess

2018-12-18 05:35:24 UTC  

You just chillin?

2018-12-18 05:36:34 UTC  

lol he really does tear this girl apart who wrote this article

2018-12-18 05:36:56 UTC  

She helped E;R channel subscriptions more than him.

2018-12-18 05:37:06 UTC  

Yeah exactly hahaha

2018-12-18 05:37:10 UTC  

I subbed

2018-12-18 05:37:38 UTC  

I subbed when I realized he was based bc of the article that’s actually me among those 14k