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@StevePines -WA @Zyzz would be the guy to talk to if you were in that area

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@Clarion -FL i've noticed people just need to be primed or hear someone openly defend what they honestly believe

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@Goose , I've noticed that too.

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Normies need someone to correctly frame the world for them.

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I’ve done something similar I told my roommate to look out for Ben Shapiro’s foreign policy views as he may be biased. He heard him say Wikileaks is a Russian operation or whatever he said and he was totally turned off to Ben after

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I’m encouraged by what y’all are saying. That’s good to hear I’m gonna have to go the extra step

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I searched my normiebook log. This is what I said. And similar on every post about the situation that I saw on my normies' pages. It was beautiful to watch them start framing it as a "you can't come here because this is my children's home"

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broke: asylum seekers are different than illegal aliens

woke: everyone GTFO. this is my children's home. not yours.

Most of real life is zero sum. I have a duty to my own people and my own children. It's no longer theoretical that mass immigration from south and central America is making America a worse place.

I support continued foreign aid and skills building programs for them to try to change their cultural values and conditions which yield the hell holes they're fleeing.

I certainly don't support them flooding into my country and further degrading my children's homeland with their shithole values.

I am doing everything I can to make sure that my children never have to live in the 3rd World shitholes that are right now being replicated in my children's homeland where South and Central American migrants are already in heavy population.

I don't have to explain how this is "fair" or "just" or anything else *from the perspective of the migrants*.

I have a duty to my children, my people, and my nation.

I take OUR side.

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So much intellectual firepower all to do what other countries do by instinct

2018-12-18 05:03:54 UTC  

We've been mindfucked for quite awhile. But instinct is instinct and we'll be able to bring it back.

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Foreign aid needs to be restructured/revamped/rethought entirely but I’m sure you get that as well

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"Sure. We can help them. Over there. Not here." was what my normies needed.

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Any of my dearest brothers read this paper?

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its about

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ethnocentric domination in cooperation tactics

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in populations and how it dominates. these were computer simulations. Its not a fun conclusion obviously.

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Ethnocentrism just completely dominates humanitarian aka working with everyone

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It’s actually more cost effective to help them out in their own countries or to send “true refugees” to countries adjacent to their own

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@Myndrian def heard of it before, hadn’t seen the study thanks for linking

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Ya its a good read. I couldnt get a lot of it but the main message is pretty damning

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I guess it even lends a view to your guys' conversation

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Foreign aid seems pointless in a lot of countries.

2018-12-18 05:14:38 UTC  

Foreign aid harms local businesses

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The Mestizo shirt selling business gets undercut when we send them Elsa from Frozen shirts for free

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Just donating your crap is pointless. Pewdiepie did a charity for India after people accused him of being racist and it’s just like ughhhh you’re flushing your money down the toilet

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Ya. That's unfortunate for him. I'm sure he is quite red pill on many things being a citizen of the internet

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Ive seen a few compilations of his "Red pill" hints but idk. But yes, most aid to 3rd world countries is pointless at the end of the day. Maybe simple things that they could maintain for quality of life

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like fucking wells lol

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He follows Lauren Southern and Stefan Moly he’s not all bad

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That's good

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The recent attacks about him being anti Semitic bc of promoting a channel called E;R are crazy

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oh I havent heard. whats going on exactly?

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Will link article

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Actually video

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Btw I just watched Outlaw King on Netflix. quite good

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Robert the Bruce. A homie

2018-12-18 05:20:54 UTC
He made a first response video but this is better

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Oh nice and cast seems accurate