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Anyone have that graph of where 2016 voters fell on the traditional political spectrum that dropped last week?

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I don’t.

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@Isabella Locke-MT that’s the hard thing for me. There are some I like but I also don’t like supporting the problem. If you need to watch media, I would recommend watching pre-1960’s movies. At least until EuropaWood gets going 😉

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We generally watch them for free online, but my one birthday treat a year is going to see one in theaters since they always release the big ones around april/may.

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That's pretty much the only time we go see a movie in theaters though.

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*Hollywood* has become so blatantly anti-white and propagandist in the last 5-10 years, I can't even watch it anymore.

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Dragged Across Concrete
2018 ‧ Drama/Thriller ‧ 2h 39m

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Gibson keeps delivering

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@Perihelion - CA have you seen it?

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Guys Cheeto Blormphfff is malfunctioning...

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I watched “The Man Who Would Be King” the other day, and that is now one of my favorite movies. I want to read the book now

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Feels like they must be making this up, how could everything political go awry at once?

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Maybe somebody has Yuge blackmail on Trump.

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@Sam Anderson Is that real?

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I haven't seen it but I know it's good by viewer rating and how much it triggers libs.

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I'm sure it's good too. I've seen Zahlers other two films and they were great.

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Haven't been able to track down a copy of the new one with Mel Gibson yet. I think they tested it out in festivals and are now working on a wider release.

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@Rabbidsith not sure if people actually have blackmail on trump but it would make sense. Given how he has been ineffective recently.

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Was the civil war about states rights or slavery?

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States rights

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It was about immigration

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Ok, but how?

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I don’t know much about it

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civil war was about slavery like the yellow vest movement is about taxes

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States rights vs puritanical crusade to violate all law for their feels

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The subject was about slavery but the principle was states rights

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Civil war was beginning of end of constitution

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But the intention was slavery?

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Slavery was a grave error for moral, economic, and memetic reasons. But it would have been better to preserve Constitution.

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The reason it was fought was over slavery, the consequences wrote the definition of states rights?

2018-12-18 19:54:19 UTC  

No it's like fighting your neighbor over mowing the lawn but the principle is HOA control

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But they weren’t arguing over states rights

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A secondary but significant issue was tarrifs

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slavery was crucial to the economy.
it was actually designed that way

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even plantation owners had to take out loans from the banks to maintain business

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all the money went to a small group, as usual