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2021-01-06 16:03:17 UTC  

Georgia was lost cause if women basicly

2021-01-06 16:03:27 UTC  

they thought ossof was too hot

2021-01-06 16:03:47 UTC

2021-01-06 16:03:49 UTC

2021-01-06 16:05:02 UTC  

they got portopotties

2021-01-06 16:13:57 UTC  

only like 5

2021-01-06 16:14:01 UTC  

for 200k people

2021-01-06 16:20:54 UTC  

So is trump showing up or what?

2021-01-06 16:21:32 UTC  

wait there's 200k?!

2021-01-06 16:21:50 UTC  

probably more

2021-01-06 16:21:56 UTC  

this was a screenshot i took at 9AM

2021-01-06 16:23:49 UTC

2021-01-06 16:23:51 UTC

2021-01-06 16:26:08 UTC  

326,000+ watching now, at 11am on a wednesday

2021-01-06 16:26:13 UTC  


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2021-01-06 16:28:47 UTC  

As much as I appreciate the coverage from RSBN, this advertising plug for MyPillow makes me cringe every time. A small business who provides a single product as an alternative to a big-box store.

2021-01-06 16:30:05 UTC  

They have the ditziest blond reporters talking rihgt now, kinda cringe

2021-01-06 16:30:40 UTC  

Wondering the same thing

2021-01-06 16:31:24 UTC  

iirc someone was posting on pol one of RSBN's reporters has an onlyfans

2021-01-06 16:32:06 UTC  

She's okay aside from the MyPillow advertising. The hipster in me is rather relieved from someone who doesn't really have a great radio/TV voice but says it like it is.

2021-01-06 16:36:00 UTC  

Airports are stacked filing people into DC

2021-01-06 16:36:29 UTC  

Ah, so THAT is how they're getting around the closed bridges. Sweet.

2021-01-06 16:37:21 UTC  


2021-01-06 16:37:47 UTC  

No its not that

2021-01-06 16:37:54 UTC  

its that there are so many planes coming in

2021-01-06 16:38:07 UTC  

they are having a hard time controlling airports

2021-01-06 16:39:00 UTC  

every single flight to DC was sold out yesterday

2021-01-06 16:39:05 UTC  

and today they are still selling out

2021-01-06 16:39:13 UTC  

can someone ping everyone when Trump get on stage? I'd hate to miss it. Even though I doubt big announcements will be made, you never now maybe it will be it

2021-01-06 16:39:14 UTC  

The bridge closures are probably putting more of a strain on the airports as well.

2021-01-06 16:39:23 UTC  

Mike pence doesn’t have the the guts to change something

2021-01-06 16:40:22 UTC  

This is air traffic right now on the east coast

2021-01-06 16:40:42 UTC  

gawd damn

2021-01-06 16:41:10 UTC  

Beasts are here

2021-01-06 16:41:15 UTC  

driving up

2021-01-06 16:41:19 UTC  

@columboooo his motorcade is moving in now

2021-01-06 16:41:48 UTC  

340k on RSBN

2021-01-06 16:41:48 UTC