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hes a robot

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He's transhuman

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He wanted to undo the mistake of bringing Africans to NA, but he was killed before carrying out his plan

2019-01-10 02:44:29 UTC  

Lincoln was probably the most hardcore white nationalist president but people mistakenly think he was an egalitarian because he hated slavery

2019-01-10 02:44:32 UTC  

How dare Steve Banon read a controversial book!

2019-01-10 02:44:51 UTC  

@⚡Clark⚡ I heard Lincoln reversed on his re-colonization plan after Frederick Douglass mogged him

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Jacksonian social policies and anti-bank sentiment + Teddy Roosevelt foreign policy 💪

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@Reinhard Wolff IE anthem when?

2019-01-10 02:46:08 UTC  

The Star Spangled Banner is our anthem

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does the anthem need to be 80s synth pop, or are we evolving?

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@Reinhard Wolff what are some thoughts on improving the next gen. of flyers?

2019-01-10 02:46:58 UTC  

@Anthony Sealy - MO the IE Xurious Track is good. No reason to make another. An IE song in every genre!

2019-01-10 02:47:13 UTC  

Become who you are

2019-01-10 02:47:14 UTC  

No Battle Hymn.

2019-01-10 02:47:19 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'll work on it.

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Identity Evropa - Happy Hardcore

2019-01-10 02:47:23 UTC  

"Is diversity REALLY our strength?"

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2019-01-10 02:47:54 UTC  

"Diversity is our downfall"

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@Reinhard Wolff what do you think of people making/bringing items for an auction or raffle at the conference. Many fundraisers I go to do this and it gets bigger every year.

2019-01-10 02:48:03 UTC  

"How is diversity our strength?"

2019-01-10 02:48:05 UTC  

diversity is division, maybe

2019-01-10 02:48:06 UTC  

If only diversity *were* a lie... 😒

2019-01-10 02:48:24 UTC  

"Diversity means less of YOU" with appropriate artwork

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That's a good one

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@Reinhard Wolff What state(s) do you believe would be the most receptive to a slightly more redpilled Trump style senate or house of reps campaign?

2019-01-10 02:49:15 UTC  

@godric diversity divides

2019-01-10 02:49:16 UTC  

Definitely alabama

2019-01-10 02:49:18 UTC  

OK's governorship race was very Trumpian

2019-01-10 02:49:22 UTC  

Maybe kansas

2019-01-10 02:49:32 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Not sure you saw the article I posted but in my neighborhood someone was raped by a bum she was bringing food to. He was released with no charges. Don't know if the victim was white, buT Mexicans and Asians hate blacks, and I'm sure it wasn't someone from the local synagogue...I'd like to poster the whole area, any input would be appreciated.

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I mean PSA

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Hold on to that rage for the gym, boyos

2019-01-10 02:50:40 UTC