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2019-01-11 04:28:58 UTC  

Sweet Evola and Hella Tradition: a new MSPaint Adventure webcomic

2019-01-11 04:29:25 UTC  

I heard that Evola would walk around cities when the allies were strategically bombing them

2019-01-11 04:29:37 UTC  

mad lad

2019-01-11 04:32:25 UTC  

seems his books are shorter than what ive read lately so thatll be good

2019-01-11 04:32:56 UTC  

there are some good shorter Evola articles online for free

2019-01-11 04:34:04 UTC  

Introduction to Magic and his Alchemy book are pretty dense but they do a good job of highlighting how the same themes are woven throughout our stories

2019-01-11 04:35:11 UTC  

There was a 13 year old girl who went missing here back in October, just read an article saying she was found -- alive.

That's usually not something that happens for someone who is missing for 3 months. Quite the miracle. Press conference in the morning to see who did it.

2019-01-11 04:36:20 UTC  

That's good to hear,wonder what mental shape she is in and what all she has been through in her ordeal. Wish her the best on the road to recovery.

2019-01-11 04:37:12 UTC  

Vince James claims two current congressmen watch his channel regularly <:whitepill:439924104406106113> <:whitepill:439924104406106113> <:whitepill:439924104406106113> note: unconfirmed and hearsay. unsure of who

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2019-01-11 04:37:49 UTC  

Probably very rough. Her parents were murdered the day she was abducted. Cant imagine how mentally unstable she is now

2019-01-11 04:38:36 UTC  

Oh that one,now i remember vaguely. Ya she must be in rough shape.

2019-01-11 04:38:46 UTC  

I know it happens frequently in larger states, but in Wisconsin, things like this just dont happe(besides milwaukee)

2019-01-11 04:39:56 UTC  

Hope it can be kept minimal and rare then,especially these days..

2019-01-11 04:40:58 UTC  

Besides my condolences for her, I'm curious on the identity of the pervert that did it, more so the ethnicity.

2019-01-11 04:41:51 UTC  

since we were talking about Evola before, something called the Oswald Spengler Society formed very recently. Worth looking into if you're into that thing (so... me)

2019-01-11 04:43:03 UTC  

Just finished and put sealent on these guys a lil while ago. Getting ready for this weekend.. the last 2 are a basic idea from past banners (Firefighters & Columbus) 1 Basic for Ancestors and top 3 IE phrases & symbol.

2019-01-11 04:44:08 UTC  

@celticflame Pretty cool!

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2019-01-11 04:44:26 UTC  

@celticflame perhaps we should collect those rather than leave them on site.

2019-01-11 04:45:02 UTC  

It could come to pass that antifa paint our logo on rocks and put them through a window if they see we are doing this.

2019-01-11 04:45:24 UTC  

Very nice handiwork. Sorry to be a wet blanket. Just thinking out loud.

2019-01-11 04:46:40 UTC  

Oh haven't thought of that. Well we can put in spot,take pics, and take back home i guess,will see. No I understand where your coming from. Thanks for heads up,will see what others say later too

2019-01-11 04:47:17 UTC  

Thankyou though,lot of hardwork๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-01-11 04:48:35 UTC  

@celticflame There always a cool souvenir to keep, and if you don't want to, maybe you do something like @Bogl - CA suggested, like giving as incentives for recruitment/taking them to an auction/etc.

2019-01-11 04:49:12 UTC  

That's also a Great Idea,I like that! @Nico The Great - CA Ya was kinda laughing

2019-01-11 04:49:49 UTC  

@VinceChaos Read "a handbook for right wing youth"by Evola

2019-01-11 04:50:05 UTC  

Most Evola is very esoteric but this book is great and concise.

2019-01-11 04:51:38 UTC  

Think I will definitely lean towards that Idea,really like that alot,Thankyou!!! @Nico The Great - CA

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2019-01-11 04:52:10 UTC  

@Nico The Great - CA No problem, it's what I'm here for!

2019-01-11 04:52:39 UTC  

Cool! Appreciate it๐Ÿ˜Š

2019-01-11 04:55:50 UTC  

@Logan MSM Report: Hate group throws rock through school window saying white nationalist slogan "Remember your ancestors".

It sounds ridiculous but you might have a point. I've seen dumber reports.

2019-01-11 04:56:25 UTC  

This is actually a good question

2019-01-11 04:56:47 UTC  

Would you legalize illegals in exchange for drastic reductions to legal immigration?

2019-01-11 04:56:52 UTC  

I think I would

2019-01-11 04:57:04 UTC  

Then again, they could do that now. Whites get blamed for everything and many times its just minorities trying to play the victim because the media plays it up so hard.

2019-01-11 05:02:14 UTC  

@Jacob I mean, I guess I would, but it better be VERY DRASTIC changes to legal immigration

2019-01-11 05:03:09 UTC  

@Jacob As I"m sure we could all agree, it's pretty pathetic that we would even HAVE to make that compromise

2019-01-11 05:05:10 UTC  

@Jacob Nick Fuentes made a good point on immigration the other day. The default opinion in our society is that there are literally NO downsides to immigration. Immigration isn't just good for us, it's GREAT for us and any criticism of it is hatred lol