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2019-01-11 04:22:22 UTC  

that was quick

2019-01-11 04:22:25 UTC  

holy small text

2019-01-11 04:22:54 UTC  

Didn’t follow that at all

2019-01-11 04:23:39 UTC  

The file reads clearly before I post it

2019-01-11 04:24:03 UTC  

Funny, my family is finishing up the two towers tonight, been watching LOTR since NYE. The kids are loving it.

2019-01-11 04:24:30 UTC  

A bunch of white people getting together and fighting an invading darkness.

2019-01-11 04:24:40 UTC  

Don’t forget to watch Evola’s YouTube channel “TheReportOfTheWeek”

2019-01-11 04:24:53 UTC  

@Bogl - CA It's my favorite movies ever tbh

2019-01-11 04:25:23 UTC  

even after reading Evola, I just find the guy to be too damn weird

2019-01-11 04:25:24 UTC  

ty wood ape

2019-01-11 04:26:18 UTC  

@Salo Saloson He's a weeb

2019-01-11 04:26:35 UTC  

The guy took too many drugs

2019-01-11 04:26:42 UTC  

well he's go a bit beyond that. his Metaphysics of War is just... I dunno, man, there's some weird stuff in there

2019-01-11 04:26:53 UTC  

@Nico The Great - CA I agree. I am very careful about what I let my kids watch. When they're older I'll expose them to modern movies/propaganda, with supervision and explaining the propaganda as we go.

2019-01-11 04:27:04 UTC  

That’s a collection of essays isn’t it? @Salo Saloson

2019-01-11 04:27:11 UTC  

call me modernist, but that whole strain of traditionalism just comes off as wildly out of touch with reality

2019-01-11 04:27:29 UTC  

@Bogl - CA That's very good that you do that. Pretty sad that you have to though lol. The times we live in

2019-01-11 04:28:07 UTC  

Evola is not gospel. Just a guy with many flaws and some insights.

2019-01-11 04:28:38 UTC  

Be skeptical and on guard with everything you read, but evaluate the ideas.

2019-01-11 04:28:43 UTC  

"I told ya dog, I told you about them spirit-races"

2019-01-11 04:28:54 UTC  

@Salo Saloson shiieeeet

2019-01-11 04:28:58 UTC  

Sweet Evola and Hella Tradition: a new MSPaint Adventure webcomic

2019-01-11 04:29:25 UTC  

I heard that Evola would walk around cities when the allies were strategically bombing them

2019-01-11 04:29:37 UTC  

mad lad

2019-01-11 04:32:25 UTC  

seems his books are shorter than what ive read lately so thatll be good

2019-01-11 04:32:56 UTC  

there are some good shorter Evola articles online for free

2019-01-11 04:34:04 UTC  

Introduction to Magic and his Alchemy book are pretty dense but they do a good job of highlighting how the same themes are woven throughout our stories

2019-01-11 04:35:11 UTC  

There was a 13 year old girl who went missing here back in October, just read an article saying she was found -- alive.

That's usually not something that happens for someone who is missing for 3 months. Quite the miracle. Press conference in the morning to see who did it.

2019-01-11 04:36:20 UTC  

That's good to hear,wonder what mental shape she is in and what all she has been through in her ordeal. Wish her the best on the road to recovery.

2019-01-11 04:37:12 UTC  

Vince James claims two current congressmen watch his channel regularly <:whitepill:439924104406106113> <:whitepill:439924104406106113> <:whitepill:439924104406106113> note: unconfirmed and hearsay. unsure of who

2019-01-11 04:37:29 UTC  


2019-01-11 04:37:49 UTC  

Probably very rough. Her parents were murdered the day she was abducted. Cant imagine how mentally unstable she is now

2019-01-11 04:38:36 UTC  

Oh that one,now i remember vaguely. Ya she must be in rough shape.

2019-01-11 04:38:46 UTC  

I know it happens frequently in larger states, but in Wisconsin, things like this just dont happe(besides milwaukee)

2019-01-11 04:39:56 UTC  

Hope it can be kept minimal and rare then,especially these days..

2019-01-11 04:40:58 UTC  

Besides my condolences for her, I'm curious on the identity of the pervert that did it, more so the ethnicity.

2019-01-11 04:41:51 UTC  

since we were talking about Evola before, something called the Oswald Spengler Society formed very recently. Worth looking into if you're into that thing (so... me)

2019-01-11 04:43:03 UTC  

Just finished and put sealent on these guys a lil while ago. Getting ready for this weekend.. the last 2 are a basic idea from past banners (Firefighters & Columbus) 1 Basic for Ancestors and top 3 IE phrases & symbol.

2019-01-11 04:44:08 UTC  

@celticflame Pretty cool!

2019-01-11 04:44:24 UTC