Message from Natsuki in A Place For Conservatives #rules

2020-12-09 03:59:12 UTC  

1. This is a place for those of a conservative nature. If you don't like that, that's fine. Just leave.

2. Heterosexuality is the only valid sexuality. There are only two genders. Gender and sex are the same. If you'd like to deny those facts, then you're not welcome here.

3. Respect the discretion of the owner. What they say, goes.

4. President Donald John Trump won the 2020 presidential election. If you disagree and are a fan of voter fraud, then you can show yourself the door.

5. Any one of a leftist liberal nature will be immediately banned. Your kind aren't welcome here. Go to one of the million other servers you guys have. Leave this one for us.

6. Any other rule can be made on the fly by the owner, and this set of rules can be edited at any time. Have fun.