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2021-01-03 17:45:27 UTC  

you’re just making shit up at this point

2021-01-03 17:45:35 UTC  

This is all extraneous. It succeeded and it's goal was accomplished 🙄

2021-01-03 17:46:04 UTC  

from start to finish nazi germany duped you

2021-01-03 17:46:11 UTC  

and some german oligarchs got richer for it

2021-01-03 17:46:18 UTC  

I wasn't even alive then. This is a ridiculous thing to say.

2021-01-03 17:46:45 UTC  

yet here you are with an anime profile picture with a photoshopped nazi hat

2021-01-03 17:46:51 UTC  


2021-01-03 17:46:54 UTC  

It isn't anime btw.

2021-01-03 17:46:59 UTC  

Not that it matters.

2021-01-03 17:47:11 UTC  

It doesn't mean I'm a nazi either. They're all dead.

2021-01-03 17:47:33 UTC  

The NSDAP doesn't exist, nazis don't exist unless they are German and calling for the party to be restored.

2021-01-03 17:48:09 UTC  

have fun gatekeeping the landfill

2021-01-03 17:49:20 UTC  

I'm not gatekeeping anything. You don't even know what I believe or advocate for.

2021-01-03 17:49:24 UTC  

It's more fun that way.

2021-01-03 17:49:43 UTC  

He’s just trying to subvert you. He can’t help it. It’s in his nature

2021-01-03 17:49:56 UTC  

Watching people try to put you in a box as if it validates or invalidates anything I've said.

What I am isn't relevant.

So, want to get back on topic?

2021-01-03 17:54:34 UTC  

>no public speech to supporters since election week
>zero news interviews
>angrily walked out of his only presser
>inauguration day parade cancelled
>one "dr. jill" presser, also cut short
>harris still won't concede her senate seat

2021-01-03 17:54:58 UTC  

if you wanna see the speaker of house vote

2021-01-03 17:57:12 UTC  

So which Senatorial candidates from Georgia won the runoff?

2021-01-03 17:58:30 UTC  

thats not until the 5th

2021-01-03 17:58:48 UTC  

But Congress is supposed to be sworn in on the 3rd, right?

2021-01-03 17:59:03 UTC  

🤔 not sure

2021-01-03 18:00:38 UTC  

why not just not show his face

2021-01-03 18:01:10 UTC  

He’s got an awe full big nose there...

2021-01-03 18:02:35 UTC  

the new Congress is sworn in today but that doesn't mean others can't be sworn in individually later after special elections lol

2021-01-03 18:03:04 UTC  

Wish Americans knew how their own political system works!

2021-01-03 18:10:22 UTC  

I don't understand why the political system needs to be so convoluted.

If it were up to me I'd abolish the electoral college, abolish the private vote, and set it to one vote per county.

Not only is it more fair, it would ensure that democrats never win.

2021-01-03 18:10:31 UTC  

Problem(s) solved.

2021-01-03 18:11:15 UTC  

don't blame me I'm a leaf

2021-01-03 18:12:11 UTC  

I've watched Canadian parliament in the past. What a shit show 🙄

2021-01-03 18:12:34 UTC  

Justin, shows up once a week, the legally required minimum, just to dodge questions

2021-01-03 18:13:00 UTC  

Yeah JT is a fucking joke and the Cons are to fucking dumb to elect someone with some star power...

2021-01-03 18:13:05 UTC  

The conservative party rags on him constantly.

2021-01-03 18:13:13 UTC  

Yet nothing changes.

2021-01-03 18:13:31 UTC  

we're a 4 party system

2021-01-03 18:13:38 UTC  

Lib's and NDP suck each other off

2021-01-03 18:14:00 UTC  

Yeah but the other parties are small. Just votes to be won over.

2021-01-03 18:14:22 UTC  

because they are both left parties, ndp is like the socialist dems, and libs are like the dems

2021-01-03 18:14:35 UTC  

then there is the Green, they get a seat lol

2021-01-03 18:15:17 UTC  

Cons and the Bloc Quebec are the right wing party, but Bloc only operates in Quebec and only cares about french shit.