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2019-01-15 20:06:14 UTC  

pretty long before, too

2019-01-15 20:06:27 UTC  

it was really easy for me to accept that a family should have something in common

2019-01-15 20:06:56 UTC  

I’ve always been against it, when I was younger I couldn’t explain it.

2019-01-15 20:07:49 UTC  

ya even when I was a kid I had a natural inclination against it

2019-01-15 20:08:03 UTC  

but that was more of a personal preference thing than actually thinking it's harmful

2019-01-15 20:08:39 UTC  

@godric I think the 202 number answerer thought he was done with us. He was surprised when I called.

When you call it wouldn't be bad to say something like "thank you sir!" In a cheerful tone. A little sugar helps the pill go down that the staffer's boss did a bad and staffers actually do matter. They are like mini representatives and they all talk outside of work.

2019-01-15 20:11:11 UTC  

I would never let my daughter or son race mix

2019-01-15 20:11:24 UTC  

well, ya, but you're an IE member

2019-01-15 20:11:26 UTC  

I was polite to him and made it clear my issue was not with him. I want chipper about it though, that's hard to do on your work break lol

2019-01-15 20:11:34 UTC  

that's a pretty popular opinion here

2019-01-15 20:13:16 UTC  

Is the registration fee mail-to direction on the LOPF 2019 channel pdf invite still accurate?

2019-01-15 20:17:44 UTC  

@godric oh yea. The idea to be chipper wasn't directed at you, to be sure.

2019-01-15 20:19:25 UTC  

In my opinion smiles are confidence and confidence is what is contagious. In the perennial "smile or scowl" debate in activist circles, smile is the clear winner, even for people who want to control foreign policy and go on to do tough stuff.

2019-01-15 20:19:51 UTC  

Republic of North Albania

2019-01-15 20:20:33 UTC  

The Balkan Jihad grinds on...

2019-01-15 20:21:07 UTC  

Who else should we call besides McCarthy

2019-01-15 20:21:56 UTC  

@Jacob ...and they already have a "Northern Albania". It's called Kosovo and Metohija 😑

2019-01-15 20:24:29 UTC  

It's about time Macedon accept Alabaman as the second language

2019-01-15 20:25:46 UTC  

After we get the whole saving the European peoples thing taken care of, can we please get on with curing the common cold? I hate being sick.

2019-01-15 20:27:43 UTC  

@Lawrence of Eurabia you know I think you're right

2019-01-15 20:31:56 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yes, registration is still $125, increases in less than a week

2019-01-15 20:32:29 UTC  

We can get a lot done once we save the European people

2019-01-15 20:34:23 UTC  

1/21 price goes up 20 evropa bux. SIGN UP FOR CONFERENCE NOW

2019-01-15 20:35:27 UTC  

So pumped for this conference.

2019-01-15 20:35:44 UTC  

The first one was when I had only been in for a few months.

2019-01-15 20:36:00 UTC  

Now that I know a ton of people its gonna be twice as cool.

2019-01-15 20:37:05 UTC  

While we are calling reps, should we be calling about supporting border wall funding too? such as Dem reps that might switch over? I have all Dem reps here

2019-01-15 20:37:33 UTC but I meant the address.

2019-01-15 20:38:09 UTC  

@apronandlace well, even if they won't switch over, it's good to make them pessimistic so they give up

2019-01-15 20:38:36 UTC  

yeah precisely 😉

2019-01-15 20:38:46 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I don't see why it would have changed so I'm going to say yes, DM Matt though if you really want to make sure though

2019-01-15 20:40:10 UTC  

Very few Ds will vote for border security. I would focus on Rs unless you have a red district dem like Colin Peterson

2019-01-15 20:46:06 UTC  

Left a message on the second line at least.

2019-01-15 20:46:35 UTC  

Oh boy

2019-01-15 20:46:56 UTC  

only a million weeks after Sam Harris

2019-01-15 20:47:34 UTC  

Wasn't JBP's patreon 100k/week for several years? Why not retire?

2019-01-15 20:47:54 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN the address hasn't changed since LOPF 2019 was announced

2019-01-15 20:48:51 UTC  

@Logan cool thanks. I'm poor so I don't mail until I am sure.