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@I'mGoingBerserk free of charge

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really though, bagging on football in the wrong city

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this is another reason I think he's gay

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it is known that football is for nigs

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We don't need to agree with what he says, what matters is we defended his right to say it. And thats a victory tonight.

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This is me. Don't judge.

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Outline for Richard's next speech (1) Niggers are dumb (2) Niggers are stupid (3) It's ok to not like niggers (4) It's ok to want to get rid of them

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Armored nigger ball shall be banned

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Literally all that has to be said

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Any antifa presence in San Diego?

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Once the jew got a hold of our sports they gave it to the trash

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These sports didn't come from Africa

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@Bendies can't stop laughing

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Armored nigger ball > African tree hockey

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On a recent podcast interview, a member of Unicorn Riot explains his approach to intelligence gathering via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. (Unicorn Riot is a non-profit, activist-collective media outlet, and can be found at

Chris explains that he uses MuckRock ( to file FOIA requests about information gathered by law enforcement during a specific protest. (Each request uses a standard request template form and costs five dollars.) From these requests, he’s able to see how information is gathered about protestors and protest groups. For instance, he received the Denver Police Department’s crowd control manual, which describes how law enforcement deals with protests. He also found out that the Denver PD uses “shadow teams” to infiltrate protests and conduct surveillance on specific protestors. In addition, he received daily intelligence reports the Denver PD filed regarding protest activities. Chris also says that the Denver PD would estimate the sentiment of protest crowds via social media, in order to develop their response tactics. If the protest group is more aggressive on social media, then the Denver PD will adopt more aggressive tactics.

Chris also sent out FOIA requests to the two dozen law enforcement agencies that took part in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest controls. “They were pretty forthcoming, which was surprising to me,” he says. He received back a 200 page FEMA training manual on how to deal with protestors, which he says was helpful in understanding how law enforcement would respond to protests.

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Anyone wanna burn their dicks while making tendies?

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Through FOIA requests, police departments have accidentally reported mission critical information, such as pictures of undercover police. Chris then explains that this type of information can be crowdsourced to provide value-added intelligence information.

Chris also claims that under Trump, law enforcement agencies are abandoning a softer, community policing approach, and engaging in more heavy-handed tactics. He believes that police departments are working more with the FBI’s joint terrorism task force, which is informed by fusion centers, which are federal, which are under the Trump administration.

Lastly, Chris encourages activists to file a FOIA request about their arrests. “Shake the tree, and see what falls out. You never know.” (SOURCE:

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My face

Pls no bully

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Alright, Spencer is now saying something that appeals to normies again

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Hopefully he's learned his lesson

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that chin

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Richard Spencer "I'm willing to own slaves"

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Spency on manifest destiny

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BASED! Own it. Own niggers again!!

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Yfw there is gonna be a race war here, a crucade war in the Christian world, a nuclear war with North Korea and a civil war here

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Own niggers

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muh "native" land

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he's willing to own

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black people

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i own slavery do u

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