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2019-01-19 21:22:59 UTC  

Giving away WAY to much for 100 miles of fence

2019-01-19 21:23:08 UTC  

What a waste of my time and excitement. I for one understand that compromise is essential, but this amount on the gop is ridiculous.

2019-01-19 21:23:12 UTC  

I don't get what you all expect from him. This is how our political system works. It's retarded, but it's reality. If you want a political solution, this is it. It involves doing some stuff you don't want in order to get stuff you do.

2019-01-19 21:23:38 UTC  

We gained nothing, this is just a cope to feed to his caved in head fanbase so he can say he did something while accomplishing literally nothing.

2019-01-19 21:23:45 UTC  

700k people is not that many tbh

2019-01-19 21:24:03 UTC  

considering they are american raised, they probably won't have 9 kids like most immigrants (damage controlling)

2019-01-19 21:24:05 UTC  

230 miles of new barrier, more border agents, drug detection tech at ports, is nothing?

2019-01-19 21:24:05 UTC  

I for one am looking forward to my new role as parent and guardian of the worlds oppressed.

2019-01-19 21:24:19 UTC  

Trump admin goes to hell, GOP=DNC. There's is no political voice for the right anymore. To the gravity well with the whole damned lot.

2019-01-19 21:24:22 UTC  

As to what I expected, I expected literally this, he has been ineffective since day 1, if funny to watch.

2019-01-19 21:24:31 UTC  

So are we getting the wall?

2019-01-19 21:24:37 UTC  

Can Trump give Kate Steinle Amnesty?

2019-01-19 21:24:38 UTC  

I missed the address

2019-01-19 21:24:42 UTC  

@bspon002 a strategic barrier

2019-01-19 21:24:43 UTC  

Were getting something better @bspon002

2019-01-19 21:24:48 UTC  


2019-01-19 21:24:50 UTC  

If this passes, we get some wall, not the whole thing.

2019-01-19 21:24:56 UTC  

A month ago Paul Ryan was speaker and he was basically neutered with no power to get anything done. Now Pelosi is leader and she can cock block donald any way she wants

2019-01-19 21:25:05 UTC  

@godric I don't think the DACAs will get their extension. The Dems may not be able to accept this because it would give Trump a great victory for 2020. Won't win any votes from us but fence sitters loved this proposal, I'll bet.

2019-01-19 21:25:05 UTC  

This had better just be a ploy to make the Dems appear ungovernable and allow him to say that he tried to make a sweet deal, otherwise this is treason

2019-01-19 21:25:17 UTC  

This will won't change Americas demographic destiny

2019-01-19 21:25:19 UTC  

230 miles of worthless fence, more border agents that will be removed next admin, drug detection is a laughable issue to call a partisan win. All worthless.

2019-01-19 21:25:26 UTC  

@godric sooo a wall?

2019-01-19 21:25:34 UTC  
2019-01-19 21:25:38 UTC  

@wayne peek what's better?

2019-01-19 21:25:41 UTC  

He said steel barrier.

2019-01-19 21:25:49 UTC  

DREAMERS! @bspon002

2019-01-19 21:26:02 UTC  

@sigruna14 yeah it's a big steel fence right?

2019-01-19 21:26:04 UTC  

The brown invasion begins today.

2019-01-19 21:26:08 UTC  

@TylerHess I think this is true. I am sure he tried to make it as reasonable as possible, knowing they'd strike it down so SoE is reasonable

2019-01-19 21:26:12 UTC  

What about me? I’m a dreamer of a land without the invasive species

2019-01-19 21:26:27 UTC  

You all are blackpilling way out of proportion.

2019-01-19 21:26:32 UTC  

I figured dreamers might be his compromise tool

2019-01-19 21:26:58 UTC  

Yeah, trust the plan @sigruna14 LOL

2019-01-19 21:27:05 UTC  

If you expected him to come in and say, we're gonna build 2,000 miles of solid concrete and ban all non-white immigrants, that's your fault.

2019-01-19 21:27:17 UTC  

I didn't, I expected him to be useless.

2019-01-19 21:27:21 UTC  

If the Dems turn this down, Trump must go with the national emergency strategy.

2019-01-19 21:27:31 UTC  

At least I still have my Constitution.

2019-01-19 21:27:42 UTC  


2019-01-19 21:27:51 UTC  

And muh 2a

2019-01-19 21:28:03 UTC  

I don't have 2A here