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2016-06-07 11:46:29 UTC  

Use the money to pay pissphone for the interview

2016-06-07 11:46:57 UTC  

Still, ain't sure if I will, but I think I saw a review on the threads

2016-06-07 11:46:59 UTC  

Any one of you could be pissphone

2016-06-07 11:47:20 UTC  

the pissphone boogeyman

2016-06-07 11:47:46 UTC  

hirasawa has that mouse that xebec just posted btw. bit of trivia

2016-06-07 11:48:16 UTC  

Maybe I should pee my n5x to see if it is durable like an iPhone

2016-06-07 11:48:38 UTC  

Any of you used the laser keyboard before?

2016-06-07 11:48:39 UTC  

wth, didn't know that rock made powerbanks

2016-06-07 11:48:41 UTC  

I doubt my lumia 550 could survive a pissing

2016-06-07 11:48:47 UTC  

I did

2016-06-07 11:48:58 UTC  

Bought it for 20 bucks sold it for 65

2016-06-07 11:48:58 UTC  

free with tesco vouchers 😛

2016-06-07 11:49:20 UTC  

It feels fucking uncomfortable but it looks futuristic af

2016-06-07 11:49:34 UTC  

Oh and had any of you DIYed powerbank before?

2016-06-07 11:49:37 UTC  

Didn't ghost with "normal" typing

2016-06-07 11:49:56 UTC  

Ok music's over

2016-06-07 11:50:19 UTC  

(silence fills the room)

2016-06-07 11:50:38 UTC  

naw, never heard of it before last week

2016-06-07 11:50:44 UTC  

There's a bunch of ready made bots

2016-06-07 11:50:49 UTC  

remember to join voice chat to hear what I'm saying

2016-06-07 11:51:00 UTC  

You can probably just google discord bots and find whatever

2016-06-07 11:51:40 UTC  

I got the laser kboard from Ali, it looks almost the same as that one but full black

2016-06-07 11:51:48 UTC bot

2016-06-07 11:53:16 UTC  

Life's hard when you're 7k mmr and need to wait an hour for a game

2016-06-07 11:54:03 UTC  

if your'e really good you turn into a cute girl and pilot a mecha

2016-06-07 11:54:08 UTC  

But they don't have a chance to get loads of money from tournaments

2016-06-07 11:54:28 UTC  

how do i join the voice channel

2016-06-07 11:54:32 UTC  

Click on it

2016-06-07 11:54:38 UTC  

i did

2016-06-07 11:54:41 UTC  

click the voice channel thing

2016-06-07 11:54:42 UTC  

Click on it more

2016-06-07 11:54:43 UTC  

maybe it doesnt work in pale moon

2016-06-07 11:54:54 UTC  

Download the botnet client

2016-06-07 11:55:05 UTC  


2016-06-07 11:55:14 UTC  

it will sell my CP to the feds

2016-06-07 11:55:23 UTC  

It should work in the browser though

2016-06-07 11:55:25 UTC  

Oh good

2016-06-07 11:55:38 UTC  

where is my music bot at

2016-06-07 11:55:46 UTC  

Give the link to Comfy