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2016-06-07 17:08:15 UTC  

I'm not a fan of lights on keyboards but that looks good

2016-06-07 17:08:18 UTC  

@Deleted User replace the irc link with this in the op

2016-06-07 17:08:31 UTC  

I don't make the OPs

2016-06-07 17:08:45 UTC  

My biggets issue, is all of the fucking mech keyboards that people like are tenkeyless but I aint about that life

2016-06-07 17:09:09 UTC  

you can just get a numpad later if you need it

2016-06-07 17:09:09 UTC  

i used to have a full size and it was just too bit and i never learned how to use the numpad

2016-06-07 17:09:18 UTC  

but it ruins the AESTHIC

2016-06-07 17:09:20 UTC  

yeah you can buy a separate mech numpad

2016-06-07 17:09:26 UTC  

too big*

2016-06-07 17:09:31 UTC  


2016-06-07 17:09:38 UTC  

I'll agree that it ruins the aesthetic

2016-06-07 17:09:43 UTC  

like I love my current keyboard

2016-06-07 17:09:48 UTC  

but it's ugly

2016-06-07 17:09:52 UTC  

what kb?

2016-06-07 17:10:06 UTC  

cm storm quickfire xt

2016-06-07 17:10:07 UTC  

is the bot playing?

2016-06-07 17:10:13 UTC  


2016-06-07 17:10:25 UTC  

I think the issue with not hearing the bot comes from using discord through a browser

2016-06-07 17:10:29 UTC  

instead of through the client

2016-06-07 17:10:36 UTC  

yeah we found it works best with the client

2016-06-07 17:10:41 UTC  

still can't hear it

2016-06-07 17:10:44 UTC  

you need to open some protocols with the browser

2016-06-07 17:11:07 UTC  

I am connected from the android app

2016-06-07 17:11:12 UTC  

that'll be why

2016-06-07 17:11:15 UTC  

I could hear it a while back

2016-06-07 17:11:19 UTC  

no one has had luck with the android app for some reason

2016-06-07 17:11:21 UTC  

someone else earlier had the same problem

2016-06-07 17:11:24 UTC  

but my keyboard has a numbad and all of the arrow keys and shit

2016-06-07 17:11:40 UTC  

was it working with the other bot?

2016-06-07 17:11:42 UTC  

or mitu?

2016-06-07 17:11:48 UTC  

I changed over midday

2016-06-07 17:11:58 UTC  

what keys are you using?

2016-06-07 17:12:00 UTC  

I could hear the one before mitu

2016-06-07 17:12:04 UTC  


2016-06-07 17:12:05 UTC

2016-06-07 17:12:05 UTC  

Then I heard both

2016-06-07 17:12:09 UTC  

yeah blues

2016-06-07 17:12:20 UTC  

are o-rings worth using on blues

2016-06-07 17:12:20 UTC  

shieee, i used to use blues, then i made the swap over to clears

2016-06-07 17:12:22 UTC  

And then the old one got deleted and I didn't hear mitu

2016-06-07 17:12:23 UTC  

best decision of my life