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2019-01-27 05:33:02 UTC  

~~I can dm you~~ Yeah, good point. nevermind

2019-01-27 05:33:18 UTC  

I thought that said "I condemn you"

2019-01-27 05:36:56 UTC  

nah, we're just goofing.

2019-01-27 05:37:18 UTC  

I make it a point of only tease the people I already have met in person or have a good rapport with.

2019-01-27 05:59:25 UTC  

Hey ya'll just wanted to say "Hi"😊 Had a good long day full of driving and seeing Family,🙃was nice but man does it feel good ro be home after a long day😉👍

2019-01-27 05:59:44 UTC  

@celticflame hi! glad you had a good day!

2019-01-27 05:59:52 UTC  

Does anyone know if we send out press releases?

2019-01-27 06:00:02 UTC  

Thankyou! @apronandlace

2019-01-27 06:01:00 UTC  

@apronandlace In relation to what? Activism?

2019-01-27 06:01:50 UTC  

Yes, like after an event like today in Chicago, do we send out a press release to local media so they can cover it?

2019-01-27 06:02:24 UTC  

I don't believe so, would probably be too dox risky to have news cameras around

2019-01-27 06:02:36 UTC  

Getting in your face/trying to spin the story

2019-01-27 06:02:59 UTC  

Indeed. But we could send out after the event was over? Media will often still cover it

2019-01-27 06:03:08 UTC  

particularly if pictures are provided

2019-01-27 06:03:26 UTC  

if you make it easy for them, provide quotes from attendees, etc.

2019-01-27 06:03:44 UTC  

Not that I'm aware of, sometimes they pick it up on their own

2019-01-27 06:04:06 UTC  

could be cool if we got that going ourselves; we could have more influence over how media covers us and maybe get more coverage

2019-01-27 06:04:13 UTC  

Like Defend Identity the Mexican gov picked it up on their own

2019-01-27 06:04:18 UTC  

wow that's awesome

2019-01-27 06:04:21 UTC  

pretty e 🅱 ic

2019-01-27 06:20:50 UTC  

So Baked Alaska and Ashton Birdie are a thing... interesting

2019-01-27 06:25:39 UTC  

who's Ashton Birdie and why does anyone follow Has-Been Alaska anymore?

2019-01-27 06:26:09 UTC  

Ashton Birdie is legit unstable.

2019-01-27 06:26:44 UTC  

She really seems to have come off her rocker in a lot of tweets this past year

2019-01-27 06:27:12 UTC  

All I know about Ashton is her and PJW had a thing for a while

2019-01-27 06:27:28 UTC  

Is she? She seems like she would be

2019-01-27 06:27:41 UTC  

that's enough of a reason to keep her far, far away

2019-01-27 06:27:59 UTC  

@Nemets She seems like she could be, but she's got some issues she needs to work through from what I've seen in multiple videos.

2019-01-27 06:28:19 UTC  

Yes true,this i agree with too

2019-01-27 06:30:38 UTC  

I just had to share this,got from my Hubby's Aunt's lil trinket shop she co works,sells at,place i need to start doing. But anyways,this is totally me, - I really am "Mama Bear" and my baby is coming back home soon this week😊❤🐻

2019-01-27 14:26:18 UTC  

The background of that meme is unnecessary

2019-01-27 14:26:57 UTC  

Deleted. Vulgarity, m8 @Johnny B. Populus

2019-01-27 14:28:39 UTC  
2019-01-27 14:48:27 UTC  

Puritanical Peoples
Group. Should I make the sign of the cross & polish my show buckles before Jedadiah gets back from sewing the fields?

2019-01-27 15:28:35 UTC  

This is Evropa, not Vfrikv

2019-01-27 15:35:09 UTC  

🤔 That profile pic tho...wait, Spectre?!....Is that you?

2019-01-27 15:39:40 UTC  


2019-01-27 15:45:20 UTC  

Spectre was a Twitter profile run by a quality man Who was banned during the Twitter purge. His wife, known as "Pox Blanket" was there too but also got purged. @NateDahl76

2019-01-27 15:46:12 UTC  

He used photos of that actor in the profile pic for his account. Was his trademark of sorts.