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2019-01-28 00:14:40 UTC  

@TIDE You're the only one to ever tell me that around here hell yeah

2019-01-28 00:15:16 UTC  

Is temporarily changing user names okay? I may temp change to "HereComesGad!" for a month

2019-01-28 00:15:21 UTC  

If allowed

2019-01-28 00:15:32 UTC  

I think you just gotta ask an Admin

2019-01-28 00:16:10 UTC  

Speaking of which, can someone tell me who I send a message to regarding server permissions?

2019-01-28 00:16:21 UTC  

Such a bizarre surreal scene that was.

2019-01-28 00:17:31 UTC  

Does David Duke radio have an RSS feed? I can't find one.

2019-01-28 00:21:10 UTC  

@Valaska Velvet suit ehhh??

2019-01-28 00:21:20 UTC  

If you can't find it , I doubt he has one. He is an older person.

2019-01-28 00:21:35 UTC  

rhinestone suits

2019-01-28 00:21:40 UTC  

@Tyler0317 very trad!

2019-01-28 00:21:58 UTC  

Yo the feather

2019-01-28 00:22:07 UTC  

feathers reeeeee

2019-01-28 00:22:13 UTC  


2019-01-28 00:22:36 UTC  

If you guys wanna find me at lopf just look for that guy

2019-01-28 00:25:28 UTC  

Can someone tell me who I send a message to regarding server permissions? I have a personal matter I need resolved asap.

2019-01-28 00:25:45 UTC  
2019-01-28 00:26:28 UTC  

>imagine not rolling into LoPF2 dressed as top tier Evropans

2019-01-28 00:26:30 UTC  

@Valaska cultural appropriation against magicians

2019-01-28 00:26:47 UTC  

@ValaskaThank you.

2019-01-28 00:29:23 UTC  

I’ll be the guy in Flektarn BDU pants, a Burzum shirt, and sandals

2019-01-28 00:29:28 UTC  

Whoever arrives at LOPF in a kilt wins a prize!

2019-01-28 00:29:36 UTC  

"I promise to represent my chapter and impress leadership"
>2 drinks later

2019-01-28 00:30:01 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN this is why I will be drinking tea

2019-01-28 00:30:32 UTC  

@Logan Tea comes from India

2019-01-28 00:30:39 UTC  

@Logan do not release the beast

2019-01-28 00:30:46 UTC  

tea goes into the harbor

2019-01-28 00:31:02 UTC  

I want to pin this ^

2019-01-28 00:31:53 UTC  

Coffee is foreign too.

real Evropeans drink dandelion root

2019-01-28 00:32:32 UTC  

No more potatoes for Celts or Tomatoes for meds. CHECKMATE bigots!

2019-01-28 00:32:55 UTC  

TFW Globalism gives us Coffee and Tea.

SO it's totally worth it, amirite guys....

2019-01-28 00:32:57 UTC  

Seeing as today is my last day off before a new semester and a 6 day work week AND it was almost 90 degrees today so summer has officially started in socal, I'm cracking open a beer. Cheers fam. I hope I get to kick with you in person one day

2019-01-28 00:33:02 UTC  

eat only onions and the meat of Aurochs

2019-01-28 00:33:42 UTC  

tfw no aurochs

2019-01-28 00:34:00 UTC  


2019-01-28 00:34:51 UTC  

@Current Ronin Come to the conference!

2019-01-28 00:35:03 UTC  

we should be hunting mammoths and plundering rival villages

2019-01-28 00:35:22 UTC  

tea causes kidney stones

2019-01-28 00:35:52 UTC  

@Lawrence of Eurabia domesticate mastodons and use them in agroforestry. Archaeofuturism!

2019-01-28 00:36:11 UTC  

@Tyler0317 which one? If I can figure it out I'm down I just need the details

2019-01-28 00:44:31 UTC  

Does anyone know a job I could get with a computer science degree that would allow me to listen to audiobooks all day?