Message from The Chechen Slayer in Anticom #general

2017-04-18 04:06:35 UTC  

People in voice chat asking about vanguad of liberty I just thought I'd post what I know

2017-04-18 04:06:42 UTC  


2017-04-18 04:06:51 UTC  

Im a chapter leader there :^)

2017-04-18 04:07:49 UTC  

I do realize the value of shitposting, but I think we should try to be a bit more organized

2017-04-18 04:07:58 UTC  

Right now we're full autist, but we really need weaponized autist

2017-04-18 04:08:37 UTC  

Well of course, and I'm not saying it needs to be super organized

2017-04-18 04:08:50 UTC  

I just think we need leaders that everyone knows somewhat who they are

2017-04-18 04:10:27 UTC  

I get what you mean, but decentralization can only go so far.

2017-04-18 04:10:33 UTC  


2017-04-18 04:10:44 UTC  

Just noticed too

2017-04-18 04:11:01 UTC  

It's not painting a target on yourself to know that PEPE495 is somewhat of a leader, especially if the leader uses proper opsec

2017-04-18 04:11:15 UTC

2017-04-18 04:12:27 UTC  

Who currently hosts the website

2017-04-18 04:13:08 UTC  

I get what you mean, but if you use a unique username, password, email, etc and don't reveal personal info they won't be able to dox you

2017-04-18 04:13:35 UTC  

Yeah but the "leader" on here doesn't even need to go to any events

2017-04-18 04:13:54 UTC  

Leader isn't the right word even

2017-04-18 04:13:58 UTC  

Wowweeee Glock competitors are attempting viral marketing on /k/

2017-04-18 04:14:02 UTC  

We need people to coordenate shit

2017-04-18 04:14:29 UTC  

Also most antifa are stoners if anything, not hardcore junkies

2017-04-18 04:14:44 UTC  

Redguard is doing a good job, I just mean people to talk to other groups etc and represent the main intrests of all of us.

2017-04-18 04:15:08 UTC

2017-04-18 04:15:51 UTC  

I think underestimating Antifa is a huge mistake.

2017-04-18 04:16:07 UTC  

They aren't druggie losers

2017-04-18 04:16:24 UTC  

They ARE organized while being disorganize

2017-04-18 04:16:26 UTC

2017-04-18 04:16:27 UTC  

Some not all are

2017-04-18 04:16:30 UTC  

and they are beating us except berkley

2017-04-18 04:16:37 UTC  

i am a gay faggot

2017-04-18 04:16:38 UTC  

And Trump getting elected

2017-04-18 04:16:41 UTC  

Start lifting

2017-04-18 04:16:58 UTC  

You need to be in shape to fight the left

2017-04-18 04:17:07 UTC  
2017-04-18 04:17:38 UTC  

We need a right wing health campaign

2017-04-18 04:17:42 UTC  

You know who else underestimated Communists? The Russian Czars before they were all brutally murdered

2017-04-18 04:17:47 UTC  


2017-04-18 04:17:52 UTC  

Rip Nicholas

2017-04-18 04:18:14 UTC  

I'm not telling you to underestimate Antifa, I'm saying they're not the pretend soldiers you think they are

2017-04-18 04:18:29 UTC  

I went very in depth on Antifa and their tactics in this podcast, please give it a listen

2017-04-18 04:18:32 UTC  

They are just as organized as we are if not more.

2017-04-18 04:18:40 UTC  

"Antifa are an organized, armed milita!" coupled with "They're all hardcore heroin addicts!" is entirely self-defeating